A St. Joseph’s Day “Zeppole Pizza” Can Be Found Here in RI

A St. Joseph’s Day “Zeppole Pizza” Can Be Found Here in RI

In Rhode Island, a peculiarly scrumptious pizza can be discovered on St. Joseph’s Day: the “zeppole pizza.” This savory dish is composed of a fried dough (or “zeppole”) base, traditionally topped with a mixture of ricotta, pecorino romano, and grated garlic, and sprinkled with parsley.

Believed to have originated in Italy, the zeppole pizza has become a popular item of gastronomic delight in the Ocean State. As an homage to the feast day of St. Joseph (March 19th), many local Italian-American households in Rhode Island prepare this delectable dish.

The zeppole pizza is a savory spectacle, and the taste is both complex and comforting. The fried dough base is crunchy yet spongy, and the topping of ricotta and pecorino cheese lends a smooth creaminess. The addition of garlic and parsley adds a pleasant piquancy.

To prepare a zeppole pizza, the dough is first fried in oil, then topped with ricotta, pecorino, garlic, and parsley. It can be served either as a single, large pizza, or divided into smaller portions. While the dish is typically enjoyed as an appetizer, it can also be served as a main course.

This St. Joseph’s Day treat is a distinctive amalgam of flavors, textures, and aroma – one that is sure to be appreciated by Rhode Island foodies. For those seeking a truly unique culinary experience, the zeppole pizza is a must-try.

On the 19th of March, Rhode Islanders can savor a distinctive delicacy: the zeppole pizza. This delectable dish consists of a fried dough base, ricotta, pecorino romano, garlic, and parsley, and is an esteemed part of local Italian-American cuisine. The combination of flavors, textures, and aromas make the zeppole pizza a scrumptious and gratifying experience.