A stolen child.  How much is a Fiat 126p?

A stolen child. How much is a Fiat 126p?

A certain owner of a Polish cult classic can talk about good luck. A car theft reported to the police had a happy ending. I am talking specifically about the allocation of an unusual car, which today is the Fiat 126p in Poland. In the past, such a car was very popular on the Vistula River and stopped at every street corner. Today, meeting a work sample on the street is a real event that brings a smile to your face.

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A cult “little child” with white body paint was stolen on Thursday, March 10 in Gryfów Śląski and happily found a few days later. A car with an estimated value of PLN 15,000 PLN disappeared from under the supermarket.

The report of the theft was handed over to the uniformed officers who were handling the case. As reported in a press release by the police from Lower Silesia, the car was identified by traffic officers patrolling the town of Lubań.

A child with displayed registration numbers was parked in front of a shop in Lubań. To make it more interesting, there was a crime in this store. The police who were watching the “Fiat” were informed about this fact by a shop worker who came to them with the information that the shoplifter had been arrested.

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After the uniform went to intervene, they found the keys of the Fiat standing in front of the store next to the detained person. The theft of groceries in a store was estimated at PLN 533.

Stolen Fiat 126p recovered by police Police

The 37-year-old detained was brought to the police station, where he confessed to stealing the car. After carrying out the necessary measures at the scene, the police handed over the Fiat 126p to the rightful owner. The suspect ended up in police custody. A resident of Lubań poviat was charged with theft and driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition, he will be responsible for fuel theft at the Gryfów Śląski gas station. Now I am threatened with imprisonment of up to 5 years.

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How much is a Fiat 126p?

What is the value of Fiat 126p? It all depends on the year and technical condition of such a car. Usually, old copy, high price. Well-decorated pieces without any signs of rust and from the first years of production (in Poland, production started in 1973 at Fabryka Samochodw Małololitrażowych in Bielsko-Biała) and with low mileage, can cost a lot of money.

Babies worth PLN 500 or 1000 will no longer be available in popular advertising portals. Owners of the iconic “cough” – because these cars used to call them a joke, showing their cars from the young years from 5 thousand. PLN, and usually amount to 12-16 thousand. zlotys. For keeping “toczydełka” sentimental customers pay 30-50 thousand. zlotys. It is not surprising then that the owner of a white Fiat 126p stolen in Gryfów Śląski estimated the value of his car at PLN 15,000. zlotys.

As a curiosity, we would like to remind you that the most expensive “Fiat” sold in the world is the famous copy of Tom Hanks. The meticulously restored car at the beginning of March 2022 went to auction and was auctioned for 83.5 thousand. dollars (more than PLN 363 thousand). The money from the auction was transferred to the account of an organization that supports people who take care of war heroes.

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