A sure win for Suzuki Crown Handball

A sure win for Suzuki Crown Handball

Paweł Tetelewski’s charge was famous before the first whistle. The opponents came to Kielce with only ten people.

Kielce players had a good start. After five minutes they were leading 5: 1, and after 13 minutes they were leading 10: 2. They defended well, competed well.

After a quarter of an hour and after a change, their game stalled. They started making simple mistakes, and the visiting team started chasing them. In the 21st minute, the home team was leading by 11:7.

Suzuki Crown Handball settled the game. Marta Chodakowska added a good move. The players from Kielce were leading until the break at 16:11.

At the beginning of the second half, the players jumped to ten goals. Twenty minutes before the end, they were leading 23:13.

Paweł Tetelewski’s charges did not make any mistakes in the first half. Even after the change, they maintained high profits.

Suzuki Korona Handball will play another match in two weeks. Their opponent will be PreZero APR Radom.

Suzuki Korona Handball Kielce – San Jarosław 33:18 (16:11)

Suzuki Korona Handball Kit: Chodakowska 1, Toboła, Smelcerz – Berlińska 9, Jaworska 8, Podsiadło 4, Grabarczyk 3, Maciażek 2, Mikocka 2, Miśkiewicz 1, Białecka 1, Kotwica 1, Sigurðwska,Szyka, Szettika, Stuzettika, Sturzyk