A tire overturns and crushes a car, a fatal accident in Castrocielo

A tire overturns and crushes a car, a fatal accident in Castrocielo

recordCrash through Leuciana: a woman miraculously driving a Citroen. In the A1, a long queue for a truck to blow its tire near Anagni

A terrible accident in Castrocielo along the road to Leuciana. A Citroen car and a truck carrying a load of paper collided and overturned on the road. Fortunately, the woman from Pontecorvo driving the car was not seriously injured. The fatal impact with the heavy vehicle completely crushed the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Once removed from the passenger compartment, the woman was entrusted to the care of 118 doctors and then transferred to Santa Scolastica in Cassino. The Carabinieri of Pontecorvo, the Ares 118 vehicles and the Fire Brigade of Cassino immediately intervened.


On the A1 Milan-Naples following the explosion of a truck tire that caused a tank to burst and caused the loss of methane gas, the closure of the section between Valmontone and Anagni towards Naples has been ordered. and traffic flows in one lane. At the mandatory Valmontone exit towards Naples there is a 12 km queue. Impacts have also been recorded on the southern branch of Rome and a 6 km queue from Monteporzio Catone towards the A1 Milan-Naples. Those traveling to Naples are advised to leave San Cesareo and return to Anagni after covering the normal road system.

For those heading to Rome where there are 12 kilometers of queues, we recommend that you leave Anagni and return to Valmontone after traveling on the normal road system. For longer journeys it is recommended to follow the signs for the Grande Raccordo Anulare, take the Pontina state road and the Appia state road 7, or use the A24 Rome-Teramo and the A25 Torano-Pescara. Autostrade per l’Italia staff, traffic police and all emergency vehicles are on site.