A unique souvenir of Elizabeth II will go to auction.  It’s a car

A unique souvenir of Elizabeth II will go to auction. It’s a car

During official ceremonies, members of the British royal family are driven in Bentley limousines, while their country estates are often driven by off-road vehicles of the British company Land Rover. Queen Elizabeth II herself is associated with the famous Defender model made by this company. Monarchini also had a green Jaguar X-Type Estate in his garage for years. When he went on private trips, he was happy to drive it himself.

This particular car will be available for purchase on November 26 at an auction organized by Historics Auctioneers, an auction house specializing in the sale of historic vehicles.

Jaguar X-Type Estate, the first owner of which was Elizabeth II, was released in 2009. Mileage is low – only 72,544 miles, or less than 117,000 kilometers. There is a 3.0-liter V6 engine with 230 hp under the hood. The car has an automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive, as well as a glass sunroof, air conditioning and electric windows. The interior is finished in split wood and light barley leather. As we read in the auction details, the car comes with a Jaguar Trust certificate, which confirms that the car is complete. There is no information on how long the car was in the hands of the queen.

The Jaguar will be auctioned without a starting price. The market value of this example in good condition today in the UK is about 7-8,000 pounds, but the fact that Queen Elizabeth II drove this car will surely sell the car for a higher price.

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