A valuable old Chevrolet Corvette crashes during delivery.  Video – Corriere.it

A valuable old Chevrolet Corvette crashes during delivery. Video – Corriere.it

It has now become customary, especially in the United States, to have your recently purchased vehicle delivered to your home or, as in this case, restored. Its okay the habit of taking pictures while the car is being unloaded from the truck with a mobile phone is widespread.an operation which is not very difficult but which, in the case of this 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, it ended badly.

If you remove the wheel chocks, the car moves

In a video, posted on TikTokwe see an ivory-white American spider with red leather interior, here It’s on the top ramp of a delivery truck and the employee prepares to release it and then take it down. He is seen removing the chocks holding the wheels in place as the ramp slides outward and then grab the steering wheel to gently push it towards the end of the chute. So far so good, although removing stops and the ramp is still moving is not a very smart move. The real problem arises when The victim of the accident does not consider the speed that the car takes when the front wheels come off the step. and he never has time to shout No! No! despair, seasoned with the first curse, here Corvette jumps from a height of more than two metersand fall down with the clang of metal that makes you tremble.

Torn bodywork, thousands of dollars in damage

It is unlikely that the author of the video is the owner, due to the absence of desperate screams while two people giving birth begin to insult each other, it is easier if he was just a spectator, especially since he does not interfere and continues to record the event. The video goes on to show what one could imagine just moments before the fall, namely that The damage is certainly serious, starting with a large crack in the fiberglass back workcaused by the impact that also leads to the opening of the boot, as well as the front bumper broken in two. Damage to the suspension and even to the chassis cannot be ruled outwhile the separated navel adds that touch of sad humor that was missing.

A tragedy was declared

The owner, on the other hand, will find nothing to laugh at, due to the great danger that the car has suffered Very expensive damage, almost covered by insurance. QThis does not mean that the provision was made, to be large, in an approximate way, making errors of judgment that anyone who has handled a car would never make. And saying that The person who made the video was ready to think about everything, I knew, as it was clearly heard in the video.

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