A VW driver drives a Tesla for the first time and draws clear conclusions

A VW driver drives a Tesla for the first time and draws clear conclusions

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Of: Julian Bauman

ID.3 driver from Volkswagen is thinking of buying a Tesla. After a test drive in Model 3 Performance, he gives a clear conclusion.

Stuttgart/London – “Anyone who has driven electric once will not want to go back,” outgoing VW boss Herbert Diess said. months ago. Anyone who has chosen an e-car can of course still switch manufacturers, since almost all car manufacturers in the world now offer fully electric models. A For example, a Tesla fan converted a German electric car. After just one week at the conference, he was very impressed with the Audi e-tron. The British driver now dared to try the opposite and entered the German electric car Tesla– example of rotation.

As Alex Gillon explains in a YouTube video on his “EV Driver” channel, he drove the ID.3 from Volkswagen for a year and a half and was from Germany. electric car also completely convincing. At the beginning of August, however, he looked around for something new. In the end, he chose the current best-selling electric car of all cars, the Tesla Model 3. “I suddenly borrowed this car and I’m going to compare it to my VW ID.3,” he says at the beginning of the video. His conclusion on the example of the billionaire company Elon Musk it turned out to be much clearer reports BW24.

VW driver surprised by acceleration of Tesla model – “Oh my God”

“Since this is not my first time driving an electric car, many things will seem familiar to me,” says Alex Gillon at the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 Performance. What the Brit is already used to as a VW electric car driver is, for example, the car’s “stability”, as he describes it. “I’m looking forward to putting my foot on the gas pedal and seeing what this thing can do.” The ID.3 from Volkswagen was the Wolfsburg-based company’s first ever electric car and it was able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 to 8 seconds.

VW driver Alex Gillon has driven a Tesla for the first time. He had a clear view of the Performance of the Model 3. © Screenshot: Youtube/EV Driver

That’s why VW driver Alex Gillon is also surprised by the speed of the Tesla Model 3 when he gets his first chance to put his foot down. “Oh my God,” she exclaims as she is visibly pushed into the seat of the electric car. “I don’t know how to put it into words, but I think my face just said it.” He expected the American electric car to be fast and he had also sat in fast cars before. “But that was amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it sure wasn’t.”

However, acceleration is not the only point that convinces the Brits of Tesla. He also sees automatic braking at a red traffic light and adaptation to different driving styles in the city as further advantages of the VW design.

Tesla vs. Volkswagen: Tester would prefer Model 3 to ID.3

After testing the speed of the Tesla model again, he changes the driving style from “sport” to “cool mode”, as he explains in the video. “Now we’ve got the fun part behind us and now we’ve reached the difference between Tesla and ID.3.” The most surprising thing, especially from the driver’s point of view, is undoubtedly the big screen in Tesla. examples. When it comes to software, Gillon sees some advantages over the VW model. He is not only interested in the quick response of the screen software, but also in the technology itself.

Briton is also impressed by the fact that the integrated route planner shows the remaining electric range on one side and the nearest supercharger stations on the other. Until now, this has not been the case in Volkswagen electric cars. As a criticism, however, he says that the speed limit display on the Tesla doesn’t seem to work well. “The ID.3 has a very good speed limit camera,” he says, praising its German design.

All in all, Alex Gillon is very confident about his first car in Tesla. “I love ID.3,” he admits at the end of the video. “It’s a good car, but it’s not what it should be in the electric age,” he said, referring to America’s top model program. He would prefer the Tesla Model 3 to the VW ID.3, but he has to focus on technology: “If you’re not interested in technology, the Model 3 is probably not for you.”