A woman lives in a car under the ring road.  “He has been there for a year and refuses any help”

A woman lives in a car under the ring road. “He has been there for a year and refuses any help”

MESTRE – A car, an old Citroen C3, is parked at some distance from other cars parked in the interchange via Miranese, under the ring road. The windows and the back window are dark from the inside with towels and paper, the windshield also from the outside, so that you do not enter the thread of light. But, on the windows, you can see drops of condensation due to the sudden change in temperature between the passenger compartment and outside, close to freezing in early January morning. A woman sleeps in a Citroen, and has been there every night for months, maybe more than a year, refusing any help and even keeping social workers away who, on several occasions, have tried to find alternative accommodation for the parking lot. , at night, it also becomes a meeting place for drug addicts and drug dealers, as well as escape routes to Miranese, Villa Ceresa and, above all, the railway.

He is forty years old, maybe younger, and he is African. Short hair – but when he goes around he wears extensions that he then puts on the doors of the car – almost every morning he “removes” the covers from the windows, and moves the small car, then returns in the afternoon and covers the passenger compartment. again. For water, he fills himself from the fountain of Villa Ceresa, climbing over a fence cut down by drug addicts. “We see it every day, but we keep our distance – to confirm some residents of the area -. He is afraid of dogs and, considering that in Villa Ceresa there are many who take them for walks, we have seen cases where he takes a knife to chase away the owners ». After all, living under the ring road, a bullet next to a knife can also be considered a “low wage” for self-defense, especially for a woman.

“We have been moving for some time with the Social Services – explains the president of the Municipality of Chirignago-Zelarino, Francesco Tagliapietra -. The last time, however, we were turned the wrong way… It is not an easy situation, and obviously we also involved the local police control the situation. The residents have reported to me, they see him washing clothes and hanging them to dry, but he seems to refuse any help to find decent housing.’ From an official point of view – and it is surprising since it is a car park – signs prohibiting “sedentary” parking are placed on the pillars of the ring road in the hope that a woman will move the car (which, in any case. , the woman would do almost every day ), while the president of the Municipality has had the operators of Veritas intervene several times to ensure the cleanliness of the area that is the responsibility of Avm, the mobility company, as a parking lot. “It is a delicate situation that we constantly monitor – continues Tagliapietra -, hoping we will be able to avoid the most brutal solution which, obviously, will be forced deportation”.

From the apartment building overlooking the car-and-ride parking lot, they claim that sometimes they have seen a man and, above all, “a very young boy or girl” with the woman, “but never in the evening – they add -. Evening and night are alone his.’
In fact for this reason, an attempt is also made to prevent a social emergency from turning into an emergency for the personal safety of a forty-year-old man, in the isolated parking between the railway, the road and the Villa Ceresa that it has. once again it is left without lights. “I asked to intervene to fix the system – concludes Francesco Tagliapietra -. At least, if there is light, you can see if there is someone walking there».

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