A woman trapped in a river in a Jeep Wrangler manages to save herself – Corriere.it

A woman trapped in a river in a Jeep Wrangler manages to save herself – Corriere.it

The intervention of the police forces, alerted for several hours about his disappearance, made it possible to remove him from the sinking car off the road.

Most off-road vehicles are capable of crossing deep fords but in this case only a miracle allowed the driver of the Jeep Wrangler to survive for hours inside the submerged vehicle from the waters of Lake “O’ the Pines” in eastern Texas.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that it all started with a report from a fisherman who had seen the roof of a Wrangler sticking out of the water. about 10 meters from the boat ramp. Therefore, the intervention of a tow truck was required to get the vehicle off the road but while the rescue team was preparing to remove the vehicle from the water, one of them noticed, with dismay, the presence of a woman on board. Thanks to the help of local fishermen then they managed to get him out alive from the cockpit, they sank near the roof.

There are no other details about the rescue, except that the woman had been reported missing to a nearby county police department a few hours earlier. “We don’t know how long the Jeep has been in the water,” Marion Sheriff’s Office detective Capt. Chuck Rogers said. if it had been another type of car, they certainly wouldn’t have been able to save it. The Wrangler’s all-terrain clearance has allowed the driver to do just that keep your head above the water level Time the weight and stability prevented the current from overturning or carrying it away.

The American off-road vehicle, on the market since 1986, has never betrayed the original spirit of the military vehicle that gave life to the type of vehicles most dedicated to adventure: low gears, powerful engines (diesel, petrol and now also electric) and durability to the test. The recently introduced new version of the Wrangler, with its many driver assistance systems, is the same equipped with a normal device and a winch, an addition that would be useful in this emergency situation.

May 10, 2023, 5:19 pm – Updated May 10, 2023, 5:20 pm