A YouTuber from Turkey surprised everyone with his rehab of a newborn baby.  Lover [WIDEO]

A YouTuber from Turkey surprised everyone with his rehab of a newborn baby. Lover [WIDEO]

Mekanik Doktoru is a Turkish YouTuber who is followed by more than 20 thousand people. Until now, he has shown small car pictures on his channel, but his latest project may attract a Polish audience.

The author did everything himself in his garage. In the description of the film, we can read that it took him many months of hard work to restore the 32-year-old “child” to near-factory conditions. All because of damaged parts that were difficult to replace with original equivalents. “I’m glad I was able to restore the car to 99 percent.” – the youtuber writes.

The entire 24-minute video of the Fiat 126p rebuild process can be viewed on the mechanics channel:

In Cuba, the Fiat 126p still rules. It was even Car of the Year

The car was manufactured in Poland from 1973 to 2000 at Fabryka Samochodow Małolitrażowych in Bielsko-Biała and Tychy. More than 3 million of this Fiat model was produced, most of which were exported to other communist countries. For many, it is one of the symbols of the People’s Republic of Poland and the car that drove Poland. The image of the Fiat 500 was the predecessor of the “small child” and the successor of the Cinquecento.

It is still very popular in Cuba. The oldest car club on the island, “Amigos del Motor”, recognized the “Toddler” as the Car of the Year in 2016. About 10 thousand people went to Cuba. and many of them are still running on the streets.

Cuban Babies, however, have had a few revisions – mechanics on the island often install more powerful engines, change the suspension and add speakers. As reported in 2016 by “Newsweek”, the prices of Fiat 126p in Cuba started from 5 thousand. up to 10,000 holes.