A YouTuber used a Lamborghini Urus for the most expensive gender reveal party ever

A YouTuber used a Lamborghini Urus for the most expensive gender reveal party ever

We officially have it gender reveal party more expensive than before, and that’s what planned youtuber Ste, founder of TEAM E13VEN Property Network, who decided to find out the gender of his unborn future through… Lamborghini Urus.

The SUV from Sant’Agata Bolognese is without a doubt one of the most effective sports utility vehicles in our country and due to high sales, Lamborghini is also planning the Urus PHEV on the market next year.

Among the many owners of this road beast, there is also the former MotoGP world champion, Jorge Lorenzo, who recently collected a very crazy black Urus S. And ours is one of the lucky drivers who can drive around with the Urus every day Stewho has thought well of using his Lambo for the show reveal the gender of her future child.

Last September he took the car to Yianni Charalambous, the owner of a specialized car wrapping company, who was able to know in advance whether the child would be born a girl or a boy, and. SUV color accordingly.

Once the job was done, the Urus was hidden inside the black box held together with a red ribbon, after that it was asked to cut the same ribbon, the box was opened, and the Urus of color… blue appeared: “It’s a boy!”he is a baby.

They were also placed inside the car blue lights stay on topic”child”, and immediately after the event Ste narrated: “It was interesting. I wasn’t biased, I didn’t want a boy or a girl, but when I found out it was a boy, something inside me exploded.“. The couple, Ste and Isabella, decided to name the child Cruze.

The Lamborghini Urus costs around 245,000 euros in the UK, and considering the price of packaging and the event, the gender reveal party was over 250,000 in value.