A500 Mini – Review: The (almost) perfect Amiga

A500 Mini – Review: The (almost) perfect Amiga

The A500 Mini is a new mini console aimed at fans of the classic Amiga computer. With a refined emulator, and HDMI and a set of suitable accessories, it is a great gadget for people who remember the times of the cult “friends”.

I am from a generation of people who have not had the opportunity to use & cacute; from the original Amiga. However, I have heard a lot about the Commodore computer and the library of great games to come & eogon; on this system.

Of course, I often played the modern port and remasters of the production more character, but I have never had the chance to try & cacute; more authentic to & sacute; experience.

products are written dba & lstrok, o & sacute, ci & aogon; down to the smallest details

I have here for us & sacute, li that despite the undeniable ease of emulators, I usually try & eogon; has & cacute; games on original hardware if i only own it. The RetroGames product is a – I would say – half way solution. expensive”.

It is a very modern system, focused on software simulation, but it is as focused as possible more faithful recreation of real devices, so I was very curious to see how the crawler would do & eogon; in practice.


Packaging and contents & sacute & cacute;

The set reaches the customer in a tastefully designed white and red box. Inside you will find all the necessary equipment to start the funimmediately after removing the product from the box.

In addition to the console and a set of documents, the package includes a mouse & eogon ;, a controller, an HDMI cable to connect the device to a TV and a USB-C cable to power the A500 Mini. both cables are surrounded by & lstroke & aogon; plastic in a special Amiga color and finished with plugs in the familiar shape from the older USB products. Dba & lstrok, o & sacute, & cacute; interesting details.

The kit does not include a power supply, but the device draws a low enough current that you can use & zdot;y & cacute; standard phone charger. In my case, the “cube” from the old iPod will work without any problems.

The packaging contains all the most important information about the product

The mouse is obviously similar to the classic two-button “mouse” of the early Amiga, but with modern internals. So we have buttons based on small switches and optical sensors instead of always dirty & aogon; balls.

The controller can, on the other hand, be surprised by & cacute; some users. Instead of the usual steering wheel (or joystick), we get a pad, created in addition to the famous Amiga CD32 console and some changes have been applied. such as the arrangement and shape of the buttons.

A500 Mini console and its power

The & aogon device itself is not a 1:1 replica of the & aogon; of the real Amiga 500. We have reduced down the example, writing & aogon, not & eogon; in the trend of “classic-mini” consoles that have been popular for several years.

the device was carefully made & sacute, ci & aogon; to the smallest detail, which is mainly visible & cacute; on the keyboard. Buttons of course & sacute, you can’t & eogon; press & aogon & cacute ;, but do & aogon; image of fully functional devices. prop such without being ashamed of & eogon; & zdot; aden am & lstrok; o & sacute; nik of modeling and construction of diorama.

& lstrok & aogon; not & eogon; from the back of the device

On the back of the device you will find a switch, an HDMI port for screen connection, a USB-C port for power supply and three standard USB-A ports. Two for connecting devices, and one extra for connecting to a flash drive with additional games.

After playing the console and going through the quick setup, we are greeted by a simple and neat game selection menu, here it is called “carousel & aogon;”. interface, game description and paper instructions were translated into Polishwhat sure & sacute, ci & aogon; u & lstroke; easy to use device for many people in our country.

When you hover over ok & lstrok;adk & eogon; the game we will see its brief description, information & eogon; about the number of players and controls used, buttons used in the game and screenshots. Houses of & lstrok, s & aogon; alphabet, but we can also choose & cacute; other criteria.

The fully refined menu will give you the most important information about each game

The LEDs on the device can be programmed to simply mean that the razor is “on” (default setting), or to mimic the behavior of the Amiga’s native lights.

Unlike the Commodore 64 replica of the same company (C64 Mini and Maxi), where the user could & lstrok; to go & sacute & cacute; for the actual BASIC interpreter here we don’t have access to the standard Amiga OS Workbench.

In addition to being connected to the Amiga 500, the system has built-in launchers, allowing you to run games as well. from models 600, 1200 and 4000.

Display settings can be used & cacute; “Global” or for each game separately

Speaking of which: with built in production 25, you can add & cacute; for a collection of your own titles in .LHA format, putting it on a USB stick prepared with the manufacturer’s environment and game packs. Then just select & cacute; from & eogon; out & sacute, & cacute; for the game that interests us.

If & sacute, if we want, we can change & cacute; in settings, aspect ratio (screen device, average zoom, and fixed size), for & aogon; or & cacute; a filter that simulates a cathode ray tube screen or smooth graphics (which in my opinion make games look worse).

Built-in games and gaming experience

Whether the built-in game library is “good” depends, of course, on the personal preferences of each player. However, we have a wide range of topics from many genres: platform, adventure, shooter, strategy, sports and racing.

We can find here versions like Zool, Worms, Another World, Lost Patrol, California Games, War Chess, Stunt Car Driver, or Simon the Sorcerer.

When playing the game, the integrated production will not experience problems, graphics or sound. For flash drive games, the effects were different. In several experimental productions, & lstrok, o si & eogon; constantly show the color boldly or ruin the game completely.

We have 4 fast typing slots for each production

Those & eogon; & zdot; will they tell me & cacute; if it is the fault of the A500 Mini and its system, or the wrongly prepared package of & aogon ;. You also need & zdot; mark & ​​cacute ;, & zdot, e big games were loading & lstrok, y not & eogon; and pendrive for a relatively long time, but I use & lstrok em and & sacute & cacute; old no & sacute; i am

All tested games have no problem recognizing & lstrok; y & lstroke; & aogon; controller connected to the mouse & eogon ;. Is & sacute, li why & sacute; the game needs a keyboard (or we need to enter the & cacute; security code from the manual), then we can use the keyboard shortcut to call the & lstrok; keyboard & eogon; virus & aogon; and thus “woe & aogon; & cacute;” required keys. Otherwise, we can & aogon & cacute; in free slot USB in & lstrok, asn & aogon ;, physical & aogon; keyboard & eogon;.

For each available game & eogon, four s & aogon; four record positions, thanks to which we will avoid the trouble of remembering and writing the numbers and repeating the failed sequence from the beginning of the level.

Some games, such as The Chaos Engine, show & aogon; not & eogon; in full screen and others in a fixed window

For & lstroke; & aogon; is connected equipment s & aogon; very good quality. The gamepad is stable and has absolutely no & eogon; the feeling that he could be by accident after & lstrok, or & cacute; in the hands. Bumpers hit & aogon; not & eogon; by pressing deep, while the front buttons are & aogon; do & sacute & cacute; nice but responsive. the mouse, on the other hand, works without any problems and & eogon; in his position.

If & sacute; you will like it, then you can use & cacute; own USB devices, or buy & cacute; alternative accessories on the manufacturer’s website, such as a dedicated joystick.


Shorten & aogon; c, A500 Mini is & sacute, a great toy with a good idea & lstrok; as a gift for a retro fan. Is & sacute, li who & sacute; has “friends & lstrok; k & eogon;” special & aogon; nostalgi & aogon;, it is to the point & sacute, ci & aogon; RetroGames product will give him hours of fun.

It is worth considering & cacute ;, & zdot, ee & sacute; li device & aogon, will sell & eogon; well, the manufacturer can be released & sacute, ci & cacute; pe & lstrok, noprawn & aogon; replica & eogon; Amiga 500 – yes & aogon; sam & aogon; strategies & eogon; it was used for the company’s previous product: The C64 Mini.

Benchmarking: A500 Mini and the original Commodore 64C and the famous “Pagazus”.

little & eogon; it’s a pity that the console does not have a built-in Workbench, because access to the full operating system could be more fun & cacute; ca & lstroke; e for & sacute; but it is possible that in future software updates, the manufacturer will expand the product with new functions.

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