A81: The Lamborghini driver abused plainclothes police officers!

A81: The Lamborghini driver abused plainclothes police officers!

Driving south on the A81 on Thursday, May 25, a 30-year-old man driving his Lamborghini Urus must have felt quite annoyed by a BMW X3 in front of him in the left lane.

Around 3:30 pm near Trossingen, the 30-year-old decided to perform a prohibited maneuver and overtake a BMW X3 in the right lane with its 650 hp, black power and the number plate Leipzig (“L-“). . This is what the police report says.

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And that’s not all: at the end he is said to have forced the 27-year-old X3 driver to brake.

Bad luck for the ruthless driver of the luxury car (base price 216,000 euros according to Autoscout24): the driver and passenger in the BMW were police officers. And they did not let him get away with this habit of not binding himself.

The Lamborghini driver fails to escape from the police

The officers followed the 30-year-old man and confronted him after he left the road in the Bad Dürrheim industrial park. “The 30-year-old man is now being investigated for impeding traffic on the road and overtaking,” the police said.

Is that the only Lamborghini event? In any case, the police are asking for other witnesses who previously saw the driver in the black sports SUV because of his driving style or who even risked calling 0741 34879-0.

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