Abarth 600E – Electro-SUV with 240 PS

Abarth 600E – Electro-SUV with 240 PS

After the Fiat 500E, Abarth also replaced its big brother the 600E. We had already presented the powerful Italian as an example. Now there are more official pictures – including the interior and the first official data.

Despite the aggressive camouflage, various visual differences between the Fiat 600E and the Abarth derivative can already be seen in the prototypes. The air intake above the front license plate and the one on the front apron have their own look. The wheels are at least one size larger and have lower tires. At the rear we see a large roof spoiler with a slightly boxer look and a small diffuser in the basement of the rear apron. As is typical for Abarth, the Fiat emblems are replaced by the logo and the iconic scorpion on a yellow and red background.

Abarth 600E with the Perfo-eCMP platform

On the technology of the powerful 600E, Abarth engineers work together with their colleagues from the motorsport department of the Stellantis Group. The platform called Perfo-eCMP serves as the technical basis, which is the most developed variant of the well-known eCMP modular electrical system group. The exact extent to which the various versions of the platform differ remains unclear. But Abarth is already going into detail about other technical features of its 600E.

Abarth mentions 176 kW (240 hp) as the performance value. However, all power comes only from the front axle. To transfer the power to the road, Abarth gave the 600 a specially developed low-slip differential that was adapted to the specific needs of the electric drivetrain and its driving dynamics. The braking system works with larger discs, which aim to distribute heat better and reduce fading. Saddles are green in factory photos.

Special compound tires

Abarth dealer Michelin – until recently the exclusive distributor of the electric racing series – also improves the new condition with the tires, which the manufacturer says were designed with knowledge from the Formula E. The tread should have a smooth compound in the outer and central areas. to provide better grip. At the same time, they have a polyurethane insert, which is said to reduce noise by around 20 percent. The tires should not require any compromises when it comes to range either.

Cockpit with Abarth accents

For the first time, the Italians also offer a look inside the interior of the 600E. Abarth decorated the dashboard with special graphics, and the seat covers have unique patterns. There are also dark panels, a scorpion logo on the leather-Alcantara steering wheel and colored decorative stitching. The front seats are designed as sports seats with firm lateral support. A special central tunnel cover creates additional storage space.

The rest of the interior is based on Fiat’s 600E counterpart. The new Abarth 600e is equipped as standard with an infotainment system with a 10-inch display (diagonal screen 25.4 cm) and an integrated navigation system. The pictures shown are in Abarth style. Among other things, the service received can be displayed. The electronically generated driving noise is activated via the infotainment system.

A special example of a market launch

It is not yet known when the Abarth 600E will be available at dealerships. The same applies to prices. As a guide, at least 45,000 euros should be realistic. What is clear, however, is that the special Abarth 600e Scorpionissima model will be produced in a limited edition of just 1,949 units at market launch. The number of units is a reference to the year the Abarth brand was founded. Special edition specifications include 20-inch alloy wheels, a special Hypnotic Purple color finish and a certificate of authenticity.

Yes, the small car base is getting pretty bad.No, special models always set new accents.

With the 600E, Abarth brings a powerful electric SUV to the market. With 240 hp and special tires, it promises sporty performance. The price is still unknown, but it should be at least 45,000 euros.