ABB Frosinone integrates sustainability into the circuit breaker value chain

ABB Frosinone integrates sustainability into the circuit breaker value chain

ABB production center Smart Power in Frosinonein Italy, shows how ABB is integrating sustainability throughout the value chain and how ABB solutions are helping sites achieve ongoing Scope 1 and 2 reductions in energy emissions and costs. Guided by the understanding of ABB capabilities Energy ManagerABB Frosinone has reduce energy consumption for each switch manufactured by 25% and it has reduce average CO emissions2 Scope 1 and 2 for the product of 33% compared to 2019 values.

Reduce energy

As important energy transition technologies, Frosinone has focused reduce energy and CO2 needed to make each switch. And the site’s power supply system is connected to ABB Power Energy Manager, data from smart switch and from ABB’s digital equipment they identified energy saving opportunities, process improvement priorities and continuous improvement of production energy efficiency.

Giampiero Frisio, President of ABB Smart Powerhas declared: “Sustainability is built into every stage of the life cycle of our products. We provide key technologies for the low carbon community – innovative switches for renewable energy, microgrids and efficiency improvements. We produce them in a way that conserves energy and natural resources, with zero waste to disposal and a sustainable supplier program that drives continuous improvement in the carbon base of our solutions.“.

ABB Frosinone

Founded in 1969, ABB Frosinone is a center of excellence for the development and production of low voltage switches, with an annual production of more than 3.5 million devices. Among them, Emax 2 VF circuit breakers for wind and solar use e SACE Infinitus for new generation direct current microgrids.

Infinitus is the world’s first solid state IEC switch which allows connecting alternative sources to energy storage systems using direct current, a more efficient alternative to conventional alternating current supply.

Massimiliano Cifalitti, European Manager of ABB Smart Power HUBhas declared: “ABB Frosinone not only provides the technology necessary for the energy transition: our facility also shows how other organizations can continue their carbon neutral journey. Data from our equipment and digital technologies allow sites to analyze their energy consumption in detail and identify saving measures to improve their energy efficiency.“.

A lamp factory

ABB Frosinone are both sites ABB’s Message To Zero becoming one of the nationally recognized production sites ever since KEEP IT (Ministry of Economic Development) as A lamp factory for his dedication digitalization and innovation in the field of production.

Mission to Zero is ABB’s software that defines the way to carbon neutrality by 2023 in its production areas by helping its customers take the same route. It is part of ABB’s three commitments to sustainability: achieving a low-carbon society, conserving resources and promoting social development.

Various plans

ABB Frosinone supports these goals with plans that include the purchase of 100% of electricity from proven renewable sourcesthe plan’zero waste to landfill‘, a sustainable program for suppliers, a strong commitment to the well-being of its employees, the distribution of a diverse culture and community involvement.

In the year 2023, the installation of a new photovoltaic system and an energy storage battery that will allow approximately 25% of the site’s electricity needs to be generated on-site.