Abrams tanks, which way will the US take Ukraine

Abrams tanks, which way will the US take Ukraine

After months of resistance, The United States has decided send their modern M1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine. However, due to their hard drive system and operation, it can take approx a year before witnessing their active entry into the battlefield. For this, as well as 30 wagons sent directly to Ukraine, Washington should send more to Germany, which in return will transfer about 50 German tiger 2 in Kyiv, along with those already promised by other European countries.

The tension of the war on the tanks sent to Ukraine

So far no NATO country has provided Kyiv with those of its own production, imitating the use of old Soviet tanks. But the shipment of the French Amx-10RCs could certainly indicate a change

Sending tanks

Until a few days ago, Germany had continued to keep its veto on sending Leopards to Ukraine, in response The United States refused related to the Abrams. To Berlin it was impossible to act alonewithout the certainty of Washington’s support, as well as the risk of exposing both its military technologies and further worsening its relations with Russia, on the one hand.

The latest rejection came just five days ago, on January 20, during the NATO summit at the Ramstein airfield. At the event, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized that he will not take the first step alone. returning the Leopards to that of the Abrams and British Challenger 2. A strategy that paid off, to manage to break Washington’s resistanceto ensure Germany supplies Abrams to filling the technological gap with American methods.

What are Abrams tanks?

Tank M1 Abrams, developed by what is now General Dynamics Land Systems but formerly Chrysler Defense, was developed in the 1970s as a replacement for the older M60 tanks. It entered service for the first time in 1980, it was not used in combat until gulf warin the early 1990s. About two thousand Abrams were sent to the event, and during the war only 9 were damaged, but none due to enemy action.

According to a report government reports on the performance of the Abrams in the Gulf, the tank crew reported after receiving direct hits from Soviet-made T-72s, without any damage. Also for this behavior, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense changed the name of Abrams recreational vehiclessuggesting that the United States call it that instead of tanks to reduce political concerns about sending them to the front line.

Abrams at that time were also used in Iraq and Afghanistan, being constantly updated. The latest model of the M1A2 weighs more than 70 tonsrun by a 1,500 horsepower AGT1500 gas turbine engineand the ability to bring the car to 70 kilometers per hourand he has a weapon 120 mmone 50 caliber M2 machine gun it is a pair of 7.62mm M240 machine guns. It is also protected by Chobham composite armor, enhanced with depleted uranium vents and can be fitted with additional anti-explosion armor.