Absolute driving pleasure, intense racing passion, BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW M2, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Absolute driving pleasure, intense racing passion, BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW M2, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Pure driving pleasure, intense racing passion, BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW M2.

Munich, October 25, 2022

The new BMW M2 delivers driving pleasure for every kilometer – whether in everyday traffic or on closed roads. With a specially developed design, it is immediately available for market launch from April 2023 #BMW The M Performance parts allow the racing-inspired character of a compact, high-performance sports car to be accentuated. Restoration products from BMW Original Accessories set emotional accents in the design of the new BMW M2.

A variety of BMW M Performance Parts in the areas of aerodynamics, #Drive, # Landing gear and the Cockpit offers various options for personalizing the new BMW M2 with a focus on maximum performance. All components were developed using motorsport know-how and five decades of experience gathered by BMW M GmbH and precisely matched to the special characteristics of the two-door model. In doing so, they reinforce the puristic performance character of the new BMW M2, which with its compact dimensions, 338 kW/460 hp straight six-cylinder engine, optionally available 6-speed manual transmission, chassis technology of top and back. -wheel drive is a very interesting entry into the world of high performance cars from BMW M GmbH made possible.

Exclusive materials, outstanding aerodynamic properties: BMW M Performance exterior features.

All restoration products in the BMW M Performance Parts range are characterized by intuitive design, exclusive materials and first-class quality. BMW M Performance The exterior features of the new BMW M2 are precisely tailored to the design and geometry of the two-door model. In addition, they are already integrated with the entire vehicle and, in addition to the strict standards of the BMW Group, they also meet the legal safety regulations.

The front, side and rear carbon fiber parts are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. They improve the car’s aerodynamic properties and, with their fiber design visible under the clear coat, emphasize its race-oriented aura. The M Performance carbon front spoiler and the M Performance carbon air intake cover, for example, ensure an impressive appearance. For a sharper profile when viewed from the side, you can choose from M Performance carbon side skirt attachments, M Performance carbon side spits front and rear, and M carbon exterior mirror covers. Additionally, airflow can be improved with the M Performance carbon rear spoiler and the M Performance carbon rear diffuser. The M Performance carbon rear spoiler and the M Performance roof edge spoiler in high-gloss black bring racing to the highest level. Additionally, the M Performance tow strap and the M Performance Aramid antenna cover, also made of a unique fiber combination, are available to customize the exterior.

Less weight, more sound: Soundproofing titanium Performance System.

Reduced weight, unmistakable and distinctive appearance #race Acoustics is a feature of the M Performance titanium soundproofing system available for the new BMW M2. Its front pipes are made of light stainless steel, the rear silencer is made entirely of titanium. As a result, the M Performance titanium audio control system is almost 8 kg lighter than the standard part. An exhaust system with electronically controlled compression and four centrally arranged rear tailpipes is offered in conjunction with a specially modified M carbon rear diffuser. The tailpipe trim module is also made of titanium and has a ceramic coating. Improved routing of the exhaust system results in an even sportier driving experience. The sound quality is affected by the driver characteristics settings in the M Configuration menu and is found above all in Sport and. #Games With the development of an emotional sound in the style of a racing car.

As a striking addition to the standard exhaust system of the new BMW M2, M Performance titanium and carbon tailpipe trims are available. With their high-quality combination of materials and their perforated inner tubes, they give the rear view a unique touch.

M Performance suspension with height-adjustable spring plates.

The agility and cornering dynamics of the new BMW M2 can be further increased with the M Performance suspension, which is available as a retrofit. It enables the specific vehicle to be lowered by up to 10 millimeters thanks to its design as a swivel with height-adjustable spring plates on the front and rear axles. The M Performance suspension has been tuned for the new BMW M2 both on the racetrack and on the road, resulting in a direct connection between the car’s body and the road. This makes it possible to transfer racing-inspired driving dynamics to everyday life.

The M Performance forged wheels available for the new BMW M2 also provide the best conditions for a sporty driving style. Each one is made from a single piece of aluminum and impresses with their high stability, perfect focus and stunning appearance. The selection of the new BMW M2 includes Performance forged wheels measuring 20 inches on the front axle and 21 inches on the rear axle in hybrid design, which are available in M ​​Frozen Gold Bronze or M Jet Black matt. M Performance tire bags ensure a racing feel in the garage. They are marked in the colors of BMW M GmbH, the corresponding wheel position symbol and a reinforced handle for a comfortable ride.

Race-quality enhanced precision in the interior.

The cockpit of the BMW M2 sports car can be specially enhanced with high-quality materials from the range of BMW M Performance Parts. M Performance carbon/Alcantara interior panels, which are supplied with Alcantara knee pads, ensures great racing elegance. The intricately designed interior panels are made of exposed, stamped carbon and the M Performance bearer is made of brushed aluminum. M Performance Alcantara knee pads, also available as an individual option, provide additional support for dynamic cornering and complete the sporty environment. The matching M Performance Alcantara is also available for the center console of the new BMW M2.

In vehicles equipped with M sports seats, the sporty and exclusive atmosphere can be further enhanced with the M Performance Alcantara/carbon seat back cover. The handcrafted covers are available in clear or high-gloss carbon with M Performance bear lettering. The other surfaces of the back panel of the driver’s seat and the back panel of the front passenger seat are made of Alcantara.

Steering Wheel Pro is ideal for accurate course determination. It offers an Alcantara grip area with large thumb rests and special pads. The high and slightly compressed part of the steering wheel is covered in high-quality Walknappa leather. A center marking at 12 o’clock with decorative stitching in BMW M GmbH colors surrounds the attractive steering wheel. With high-quality materials and a race-oriented look, the M Performance steering wheel covers also contribute to increased driving pleasure. They stand for the new BMW M2 in carbon variants and #Alcantara and #carbon and #Skin to choose They can also be combined with Performance carbon shifting pads. The M Performance carbon door edge panels create the perfect connection between the dynamic exterior and sports car elegance in the interior of the new BMW M2. Its carbon fiber intakes have a colored M Performance symbol.

The range of products for enhancing the individual racing characteristics of the new BMW M2 is rounded off by the M Performance floor mats in velor design, which, in addition to the decorative stitching in different colors, also feature the M Performance lettering , and also M. Performance door pins with colored M logo and M Performance tank carbon.

#CO2 emissions and #Usage

BMW M2 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, fuel consumption combined according to WLTP 9.8 to 9.6 liters per 100 km. CO2 emissions combined according to WLTP 222 to 218 grams per kilometer, figures according to NEDC – .

BMW M2 6-speed manual transmission, combined fuel consumption according to WLTP 10.2 to 10.0 liters per 100 kilometers, with CO2 emissions according to WLTP 230 to 226 grams per kilometer, figures according to NEDC – .