Accident chaos in Norisring – Götz: Not a good broadcast for DTM!

Accident chaos in Norisring – Götz: Not a good broadcast for DTM!

It was the most chaotic race in DTM’s 2022 season so far: 16 of the 27 drivers retired early from Saturday’s race in Norisring. Complete chaos that will lead to many debates between fans and the stadium.

A few winners include Thomas Preining, who gave Porsche his first victory in DTM history in KÜS 911, and his co-brand Dennis Olsen (SSR-Performance), who achieved his first finish on the podium in the home round. his Munich race team. “The race was full of chaos from start to finish,” said a Porsche Preining driver. “Luckily I was able to stay out of trouble.”

And certainly also Rene Rast (Abt-Audi), who saved himself in third place and burned almost. The Abt Audi driver commented on today’s race on the Nuremberg street circuit with the appropriate words: “I have never seen anything like it so much, that there is so much chaos. Today it was about survival.”

“It won’t be cheap, cars are very expensive,” Rast added. “It will be an expensive and long day for individual teams often. I’m not sure even if everyone has enough spare parts. Given the current situation, there is a shortage.”

All eleven drivers who saw the flag marked after 57 rounds, three safety cars and a bright yellow color of course must be among the winners. As a local hero and DTM reigning champion Maximilian Götz (Winward-Mercedes), who finished sixth in his home race after starting from P11.

Shortly after the race ended, Götz spoke openly about the chaos. “You have to be responsible for the drivers,” said the Mercedes driver in ProSieben. “It should be punished indefinitely. We’re not in the stock market here, but that’s how it felt. It wasn’t a good race and unfortunately not a good advertisement for a DTM with a lot of security vehicles and damaged vehicles. It shouldn’t be.”

BMW Schubert driver Philipp Eng, a fifth-grader, described the re-ignition after security vehicles became extremely aggressive. “I found it borderline,” said the Austrian. There was support from Kelvin van der Linde, who was unlucky and, as a columnist, retired early after several accidents. “Restarting a lot doesn’t work, you have to find another solution. This doesn’t work at all.”