Accident on B3 in Celle: 64-year-old slightly injured

Accident on B3 in Celle: 64-year-old slightly injured


Traffic accident caused major traffic delays on federal highway 3 between Westercelle and Altencelle on Friday afternoon. According to the police, eA 64-year-old driver with his Renault heading towards Celle in traffic. The driver then decided to turn his car around and head back towards Hanover. It collided with an oncoming Peugeot, whose driver was 53 years old.

The car crashed into the guard

The impact caused the Renault to be thrown against the defensive line and stop there. Due to the accident, the road had to be closed completely while the accident was investigated. The Renault driver suffered minor injuries that had to be treated at AKH. Both vehicles were not drivable and had to be returned by towing companies. The total damage is estimated at around 12,000 euros. The accident was reported to the police at 2:18 p.m.

Two accidents on the B3 between Westercelle and Altencelle

Shortly after, another accident occurred, which initially the police did not give more information – also basically only with physical damage. The road was completely closed, later traffic flowed again on the B 3 towards Celle, albeit slowly. On the other hand, there were still barriers directly at the crash site.

The Westercelle fire brigade is protecting the accident sites

Westercelle fire brigade was alerted to both accidents. He secured accident sites and shut down leaking equipment. The emergency services also found the train caused by a technical fault. All deployment locations were on a 500-meter stretch of the federal highway.