Accident on the A14 in Cupra Marittima, Santarelli of CGIL Marche: “Who will pay for all this?”  – News Ascoli Piceno-Fermo – CentroPagina

Accident on the A14 in Cupra Marittima, Santarelli of CGIL Marche: “Who will pay for all this?” – News Ascoli Piceno-Fermo – CentroPagina

“The eleventh fatal accident that happened yesterday along the A 14 road, in the area between Pedaso and Grottammare, raises a series of questions that require a quick and accurate answer to remove any doubts about what happened.” This is what he says Giuseppe Santarelligeneral secretary of CGIL Marche, about yesterday’s fatal accident on the A 14 road.

The first question, he continues, «is about to follow the schedule that the Autostrade Company had guaranteed for the work in the tunnels of the indicated stretch. These works, in fact, in 11 tunnels, were supposed to end in December 2023, with the last intervention in the tunnel of Monterenzo and Croci, as the Company itself had contractually committed and therefore gave guarantees to the institutions of our region and also communicated. for users and drivers themselves”.

Unfortunately, it must be understood “how the conditions of the works were not respected, considering that even today the transport in that section depends, within the same tunnels, on an endless series of path narrowings and path deviations and often dangerous one-way alternative routes, including the Vinci tunnel itself where another accident occurred yesterday. Why did Società Autostrade not respect the times and conditions of the contractual deadline that it had committed to?”.

And, Santarelli asks, « Have the Ministry of Infrastructure, the regional government and the regional and municipal institutions of the relevant part been informed about the non-compliance with this law? And, if so, what might the new timetable look like? And why is nothing presented to users, also in terms of prevention and also accurate and useful information?”.

And again: « Did what seems to be clear non-compliance involve types of penalties or not, and, if possible, were they defined by the Ministry of Infrastructure? And which and how? What CGIL intends to express, along with condolences and feelings of participation in the pain of the families of the victims and the injured, is concern about all this and the hope is that it can be clarified quickly”.

According to the general secretary of CGIL Marche, “talking about extension, by passing or retrograde it does not prevent that the Autostrade Company must now ensure the complete and total safety of that road on which the civil and economic mobility of the entire region depends, which instead is daily faced with inconvenience and danger for which it seems that no one knows how to be responsible for it.”

Santarelli concludes this way: “Instead, not only with the number of accidents but also with the deaths of many people, this situation increasingly makes us think of what happened on the Morandi bridge, in Genoa, but in silence and without that cry and assessment of responsibility. even the criminal punishment that occurred in that case”.