Accidents in High Dimensions.  Three injured people have been hospitalized.  Photo

Accidents in High Dimensions. Three injured people have been hospitalized. Photo

In Górne Wymiary (Chełmno commune) two passenger cars collided head-on at the junction of the poviat road.

The Opel Corsa had a damaged front end after the collision, it was in the middle of the intersection. The driver who was injured and was outside the car on the side of the road was traveling in it. He was conscious, complaining of pain in the pelvic and chest areas.

Another vehicle, a Chevrolet Cruzer, was off the road. After the impact, he stood on the fence near the church, and destroyed. Three people were traveling in the car, including two boys aged 15 and 17. All people were conscious. Two young men complained of chest injuries. The driver of the car was not injured.

– The activities of the JRG and TSO teams included securing the scene, identifying the number of victims, prioritizing treatment and transportation for victims, providing assistance to victims (psychological support for victims – list of Captain Kasper Korczak, information officer. of PSP PSP in Chełmno – After the arrival of the Medical Rescue Team, the injured people were handed over to medics, who were transported to Grudziądz hospital – i.e. the driver of the Opel Corsa, and Świecie hospital – two children – for further examination.

Firefighters, after carrying out investigations and investigative activities of the police, removed the Opel from the road to the shoulder, they also drew running water from this vehicle and cleared the road.

The damage caused by the accident in Górne Wymiar was initially estimated at PLN 20,000. zlotys.

  • 2 JRG Chelmno
  • TSO Podsusk
  • TSO Nowwieś Chełmińska
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Accidents in High Dimensions. Three people were injured…

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