Accidents in Krakow May 25, 2023, closed the road, problems.  Where should you be careful?

Accidents in Krakow May 25, 2023, closed the road, problems. Where should you be careful?

Where is the accident in Krakow? Check the current news directly from Facebook. We monitor popular Facebook profiles that inform about accidents and obstacles on the streets of Krakow and the surrounding areas. From our article you will find where you can expect traffic problems and which roads are best to avoid.

Accidents, accidents, hit-and-runs – in Krakow, the police have their hands full every day. You can save yourself standing in traffic jams. Follow with us the situation on the roads in the capital of Lesser Poland and on the access routes. Where can you expect difficulties now?

Accidents in and around Krakow – May 25, 2023

150th anniversary of the Krakow Fire Brigade.

Live broadcasts from the Main Square in Krakow.

#Right now two passenger cars collided in Cholerzyn (Liszki commune), no one was injured. Services are on scene, and there are traffic delays.

Heavy traffic from Mogilany bypass to Krakow gate. The masters will probably replace the barriers before entering Krakow.

#URGENT bus accident in Wola Zachariaszowska. Two people were slightly injured. Services are ongoing.

Drive carefully, very slippery on Zakopianka, Krzyszkowice towards Myślenice. #Zakopianka

Around 14:45, a report was received about a person who entered the Vistula River in the area of ​​the Powstańców Śląskich Bridge and disappeared under the surface of the water. 🚨 Two boats of the Water Police Station in Krakow, personnel from KP V and WSzP KMP, 3 locals from JRG 1 Kraków, as well as the unit commander, 2 soldiers from JRG 4 Kraków and Medical Rescue Team K01-006. After arriving at the location, a search of the Vistula River was started to find the man. Two police boats and two boats and a diver from JRG 4 were involved in the action. Additionally, the water level was observed from the shore. 👮🧑 CPR started immediately. Unfortunately, the man’s life could not be saved. —- Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 1 Kraków Fire and Rescue Unit 4 in Kraków Krakowskie Pogotowie Ratunkowe Małopolska Police

May 22, 202 year 3, around 20:15, on ul. Armii Krajowej in Krakow, there was a road accident involving a Seat car and a motorcycle. ⚠️ After the arrival of locals from JRG 3 Kraków, an unconscious motorcyclist was found lying on the side of the road, who had already been helped by witnesses to the incident. Firefighters began CPR using an AED. After a few minutes, the victim regained his vital functions. Upon arrival, EMS performed medical rescue operations. The patient was placed on a board and placed in an ambulance. The patient with many injuries was taken to a hospital in Krakow. 🏥 There were hosts from JRG 3 Kraków, Operations Officer, Medical Rescue Team K01-014 and KMP traffic department. The road was closed until 11:00 pm during the inspection of the area by the Forensic Expert in the field of road accidents. 🚒🚑🚓

#TRUE DK-7 city of Wężerów accident involving two passenger cars. 3 injured people under EMS care. Services continue, possible traffic disruption.

Myslenice behind the viaduct towards Zakopane

Caution. Myślenice on the exit towards Zarabie. Direction Zakopane.


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