According to Porsche Consulting, semiconductors remain in short supply for the automotive industry

According to Porsche Consulting, semiconductors remain in short supply for the automotive industry

Porsche Advice: Shortage of semiconductors by 2025

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Key microchips will remain scarce for the automotive industry until 2025. This is reported by “Manager Magazin” based on research by Porsche Consulting.

According to research by Porsche Consulting, semiconductors with a structure size of 40 nanometers will not be available in sufficient quantities by 2025.

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“We don’t see any short-term improvement in supply conditions in the chip market,” said Sohil Hashemi of the trade magazine. A senior manager from Porsche Consulting analyzed the chip market with senior partner Hagen Radowski and provided this magazine with early insight. According to the two consultants, there is no investment in semiconductor production capacity necessary for the automotive industry. “Automakers increasingly buy proven technology with 40-nanometer and larger design widths,” Radowski told “Automobil Industrie« in the summer. According to Meneja Magazin, this is where there will be a lack of production capacity for increased demand in the sector.

Dr Hagen Radowski, Senior Partner at Porsche Consulting:
Dr Hagen Radowski, Senior Partner at Porsche Consulting: “Automakers need chip design expertise.”

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“The next ‘distribution’ war is inevitable,” predicted the consultant in August. Manager Magazin now reports that there will be a shortage of semiconductors until 2025. The reason is, for example, the rapidly growing demand for electronic chips for electric vehicles. According to the trade magazine, these have 5,000 to 7,000 chips. Increasingly networked and digital systems such as instrument clusters, telemetry and infotainment are also increasing the need for microchips.

The expert claims the ability to create chips from OEMs

It is very difficult to take countermeasures in the short term: “Semiconductor production is the most complex value-adding process that man has ever invented,” says Radowski. New production equipment is capital intensive and takes a long time to become productive. The consultant sees the primary responsibility to solve the problem as the car manufacturers. You should be more involved in the topic. “Staying in the active forces is the wrong way,” Radowski was quoted as saying.

Manufacturers and suppliers should ensure that their suppliers are evaluated as thoroughly as possible.  (Photo: ZF)

He had already outlined an alternative in August: OEM companies “need chip design expertise and must know current and future trends in the front end, i.e. in wafer manufacturing, and in the back, in packaging and testing as well as in assembly . “.. In the best case, the car manufacturers will be the “chip designer”, according to the consultant.

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