Acura Electric NSX could be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show

Acura Electric NSX could be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show

If Honda is starting its energy transition more slowly than others, it nevertheless seems to be on the verge of completely changing its image. It not only plans to launch the electric Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX on our market next year – cars that it shares with General Motors – but it also aims to be independent again by developing its electric platform, not counting this incredible partnership with Sony.

About this new platform, the manufacturer calls it e:N. It would eventually allow Honda to break away from GM. However, before it gets there, it will first have to generate economies of scale. In order to do so, the e:N platform will first have to be used in more, higher priced vehicles. This is the next reason Acura NSX electric may be the leader of Honda. From what we understand, it will be unveiled as part of next month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The Honda E electric concept model Photo provided by: Sony

NSX, but also S2000?

We know from reliable sources that the next NSX will be electric. Last spring, RPM received information from a Quebec business that the concept had been presented to dealers as part of a private event held in Arizona.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, which is now intended to be a mobility show, similar to what happened recently in Munich with the IAA Mobility event, Honda plans to present 3 new electric concepts. One of them would be the concept of a sports car which, according to what several specialized media are already reporting, will be the next NSX.

Honda promises sports cars that will embody the essence of the brand. Photo provided by: Honda

However, there is another electric car that can be presented there. Indeed, the S2000 will also return as an electric model. The manufacturer may unveil it alongside the NSX.

It’s still all speculation. One thing is certain, Honda is trying in every way to make the industry understand that it is ready for the electric transition, a fact that has been avoided for a long time because of its interests in hydrogen. In all probability, he finally realizes that electricity is quietly becoming the technology of tomorrow. So it will be interesting to see what Honda has in store for us in Tokyo. We will get back to you with all the details.