Acura Integra (2022): Fastback model revealed

Acura Integra (2022): Fastback model revealed

( – Honda fans can rejoice because the famous name is returning after more than two decades: integra. However, not like a Honda, but like a kind of sport-noble Civil derivative in the American subsidiary Acura. The Neo-Integra was presented as a prototype in Los Angeles and our American colleagues were there.

Like the first-generation Integra from 1986, the model will take the form of a facelifted sedan, but updated with Acura’s modern styling cues. That means specially shaped LED lights that make up the angular “Diamond Pentagon” grille at the front.

Curved taillights and a seamless interior design are seen on either side of the aggressive tailgate. A clean line runs from the front wheel arch that intersects the front door and adds some aggression to the profile without interrupting the Integra’s clean design. The front and rear bumpers also get a retro-style “INTEGRA” logo embedded in the plastic.

The base is the Honda Civic hatchback

A long front pillar and an arched roofline give it Civic hatchback, which is probably behind these Acura-specific design elements. However, Acura has done a good job styling the Integra, with a clean front end thanks to a frameless grille and a hood that is slightly reminiscent of the second-gen Integra as it is integrated into the bumper and fenders.

Since it’s only a design exercise so far, the Acura Integra Prototype that we’ve seen in person has no interior. We suspect it will take the well-made Civic as a starting point and spruce it up a bit with different colors and better materials throughout the interior.

1.5 liter turbocharged four cylinder

Acura’s True Touchpad interface could be featured, or the Integra could use a modified version of the Honda Civic’s intuitive infotainment system, which comes with a 9.0-inch touchscreen and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Although not yet officially confirmed, the Integra Prototype will be based on the Civic’s chassis, which will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Those are the same terms Honda uses to describe the engine in the Civic Si sedan, but we hope Acura puts more power down compared to the car’s 203 hp and 260 Nm.

Unlike the manual-transmission Si, the 2023 Integra will come with a six-speed manual and an unspecified automatic transmission — a continuously variable transmission option. Front-wheel drive will be standard, and it doesn’t look like the Acura Integra Prototype (or its stock successor) will have torque converter all-wheel drive.

The production version of the Integra Prototype is scheduled to be available at dealers in mid-2022. Exact pricing is unknown, but Acura has said the production car will start around $30,000, drawing attention from the more expensive Mercedes. Class and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe attracts.

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We’re also keeping our fingers crossed for the Integra Type S, based on the Honda Civic’s 310 hp (228 kW) four-cylinder Type R can be run. Such an Integra would be an interesting Japanese partner for Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 and bmw M235i Gran Coupe.

Either way, we’re glad that Acura is reviving a legendary name from the past and we can only hope that the trend continues.