Acura NSX Type S with NSX trailer One Round America!

Acura NSX Type S with NSX trailer One Round America!

This one-off Acura NSX model has a matching NSX rear-mounted trailer and will compete in this year’s America’s One Circuit. And there will also be a new TLX S Model at the event. Both are cars built by Acura employees on a volunteer basis American Honda Racing Team. The NSX Type S in “Thermal Orange Pearl” color is basically standard, but it was given lightweight HRE rims and Falken tires and uses Red Line Synthetic engine oil. A trailer hitch that pulls a handmade trailer is attached to a special rear bracket.

Acura NSX Type S with NSX trailer

The NSX trailer was created from an earlier test car that the company wanted to get rid of. Instead, the team inside Honda North America Automotive Development Center but the car was cut in half and rebuilt. They even made a special door (barn door) to access the interior of the trailer, which is intended for the transportation of spare tires and additional liquids (oil, etc.). There is also a reversing camera that is integrated into the towing vehicle’s infotainment system. The chassis got springs from H&R and the trailer also has HRE rims along with Falken tires to match the NSX.

2023 Acura NSX Type S NSX Anhaenger One Lap Of America 4

The TLX Type S, which competes in Circuit One of America, was gifted by the Acura Grand Prix and Long Beach Pace Car and stands on HRE bronze-colored aluminum. He installed parts from the Acura Genuine Accessories catalog, including a carbon fiber rear spoiler and diffuser. And in this car, too, Red Line Synthetic Oil ensures engine lubrication.

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The 2023 One Lap of America will take place from May 6 to 13, 2023 and will be presented by Tire Rack and Grassroots Motorsport Magazine. It is already the 39th edition. Participants have to travel more than 3,200 miles (about 5,150 km) in seven days and handle various disciplines. They are allowed to use only one car and only one set of tires. The One Lap of America originated from the famous Cannonball, an illegal road race across the United States. Route 2023 runs through the Southeast and Central United States and includes the following stops, among others:

  • 6. Mai: Nass-Skidpad Tire Rack
  • 6. Mai: Grissom Air Force Base Autocross
  • May 7: Nelson Ledge Time Trial
  • May 8: Atlanta Road Time Trial
  • May 9: Nashville Superspeedway Time Trial
  • May 10: NCM Motorsports Park Time Trial
  • May 11: Memphis International Race Time Trial
  • May 12: Hallett Racing Circuit Time Trial
  • 13. Mai: Tire Rack Trocken-Skidpad

The One Lap of America is a challenge for drivers and cars of all classes, from sports cars to SUVs to regular cars and electric cars. However, the number of participants is limited to 100 teams, so you should register early if you are interested.

2023 Acura NSX Type S NSX Anhaenger One Lap Of America 1

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2023 Acura NSX Type S with American Lap One NSX trailer
Photo credit: Acura

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