Acura will stop selling luxury cars in China

Acura will stop selling luxury cars in China

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China It is one of the most interesting regions in the Automotive industry, since for some brands their arrival in that part of the world has been a complete success, resulting in excellent sales figures. Although this does not apply to all brands, because it is confirmed that the company of luxury cars Acurawill leave its operations in that Asian country.

Acura is the exclusive brand of Slingand Honda has many plans in Chinasuch as the commercialization of electric cars that will be exclusive to that country, although Acura for the moment will not be part of the future plans.

This information was confirmed by GACone of the companies close to Acura in China. Fortunately, customers who own Acura models will not be without the assistance of after-sales services.

Acura exit won’t affect Honda in China


Acura is a brand of luxury cars which has a lot of impact in various regions of the world, such as the United States, however, they did not have this luck in China, their arrival was in 2016.

His first 3 years in China They were interesting, because Acura it was able to achieve 14,701 cars sold in 2019, however, this trend changed for the worse in 2020, because in 2021 they sold 6,554 cars throughout the country.

It is important to take into account that at the moment there is no data for 2022, but it is most likely that they were not that different from 2021. Something interesting is that the rumors of the departure of this luxury car brand from China They were already several months old.

Acura’s range was very small in that region


luxury car competition China is very fierce, since segments such as sedans and pickup trucks dominate sales, however, Acura I only had the CDX (never made it to Mexico), an exclusive version of the Honda HR-V previous generation and rdxwhich is one of the compact luxury SUVs.

Acura is not the only brand that did not achieve its goals in China, as we remember that in mid-2022 it was revealed that Jeep would also leave that region due to low sales levels.

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