Adam Kornacki describes the case with the broken door of the Maserati.  How much did the renovation cost?

Adam Kornacki describes the case with the broken door of the Maserati. How much did the renovation cost?

  • Adam Kornacki returns to the scene with the Maserati GranTurismo from 2012.

  • The cost of making a sports car was PLN 48,000. zlotys

  • The journalist admits that almost ten years later he is still associated with this event

  • A new clip on the broadcaster’s channel already has a quarter of a million views

Kornacki begins the recording by admitting that the reporter’s label “broken doors at Maserati” really stuck with him. From the information we can conclude that Mr. Adam is not very happy about it and wants to explain it once and for all. So what exactly happened there?

Kornacki and Socha in “Controlled Procurement”

The whole thing happened during the recording of the episode “Controlled Shopping” with the participation of Małgorzata Socha. The TVN Turbo team tried to help the actor in choosing a wonderful car and one of the recommendations was an Italian two-door car with a V8 engine. Kornacki reports that Socha was very conservative on set and decided to show him what Maserati could do. To hand over the wheel to his colleague, the actor stopped the van on a busy road near a bus stand. The change of seats continued at a rapid pace until the coach caught behind the open door of the Maserati. A second earlier, the reporter said that the wind was “tearing the door by its roots”. Everything was recorded by TVN Turbo cameras, and the publication became a hit on the Internet.

It was a random situation

Kornacki makes sure that it was not shown. The journalist admits that the car should not be there, but that applies to the coach … Adam Kornacki himself will be told better in his video. The nearly 10-minute long recording has already been viewed more than a quarter of a million times.

The journalist admits that he and TVN Turbo decided to publish the recording on the Internet. The original intention was the clip to affect the popularity of the show. But the Internet is an unpredictable creature and the popularity of this event exceeded the expectations of the television marketing department. As a result, for many years the broadcaster has been specifically associated with this event. As he himself admits, the public always criticizes him about this event.

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The end of the story of Adam Kornacki and the door at Maserati

Is the publication of comments on this tragedy in 2021 a desire to explain the whole situation once and for all? Sure, yes, but the new video received a quarter of a million views in less than a month, so in a way it’s also fueling the fire in the name of internet fame. And at this point, we convey our words of encouragement to Mr. Adam. Keep your head up, because a broken Italian car door is nothing compared to the accidents and other road conditions that we often describe.