Adria Mobil presents the TWIN 600 & 600 SBX camper (2023)

Adria Mobil presents the TWIN 600 & 600 SBX camper (2023)

Adria Mobil, the Slovenian manufacturer of recreational vehicles, has upgraded its products with the Adria TWIN 600 SX and 600 SBX models. There is also a successful design study that provides insight into future vehicle designs from Adria. But let’s get to the cars that have already been confirmed. Adria offers a new design for its campers with the TWIN 600 SX and TWIN 600 SBX models. Both are available as TWIN SUPREME, and the 600 SX also as TWIN SPORT. The basic models are either the current Fiat Ducato or the current Citroën Jumper, both with a vehicle length of 6 meters.

Adria TWIN 600 SX & 600 SBX

The special features of the Adria TWIN 600 SX & 600 SBX are the electrically operated pull-down bed, which ensures a flexible living and sleeping environment. When not in use, the bed can be raised to the roof of the vehicle at the touch of a button, freeing up space for other uses. The inviting couch in the back of the car provides time to relax, and the different size of the cabin provides storage space for luggage. An extendable table with two additional seats is also attached behind the driver’s cab, which can be used as a dining area and as a work area during cooking. Conveniently, the kitchen is built around it and comes with a sink, two gas hobs, a refrigerator and lots of storage space.

Kitchen and bathroom / equipment

Depending on individual needs, you can choose from different shower designs in the Adria TWIN 600 SX and 600 SBX. There is a more complex and functional bathroom that takes up less space, as well as a bathroom design called duplex with a rotating shower screen and more space. As an option, TWIN SUPREME can even be equipped with a panel skylight, the so-called SunRoof XL, which allows more natural light into the interior and offers more privacy, security and ventilation.

Adria TWIN 600 SX 600 SBX

Depending on the model, a Webasto or Truma heating system is installed to ensure a pleasant temperature. If necessary, air conditioning can be ordered. In general, the Adria TWIN Van has intelligent temperature and air flow management, including efficient insulation. The power supply can also be ensured by the optional solar panels, which provide enough energy during the day when the weather is good. Various devices can be charged and operated in various sockets and USB charging sockets.

Design study: Adria TWIN MAX 680 SGX

Unfortunately, Adria is currently preparing another model for more living space. The Adria TWIN MAX 680 is based on the MAN TGE Van, which is more than 6.8 meters long and offers enough space for maximum comfort. A drop-down bed, high-quality interior and innovative works and patterns were also installed here. However, it is not yet known if and when this car will go into production. Photo credit:

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