After an accident on the B9 near Maudach – an injured man follows the runners for miles

After an accident on the B9 near Maudach – an injured man follows the runners for miles

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From: Peter Kiefer

Ludwigshafen – After an accident on the B9 near Maudach, an injured man (42) plays police himself and takes on the pursuit of a fleeing polluter. Where did the trip end:

An explosion chases them for several kilometers on Tuesday evening (May 9) on the B9. Shortly after 10 pm, the Ruchheim police station and the Schifferstadt police station (Rhineland-Palatinate) were notified of a traffic accident on the B9 near Ludwigshafen-Maudach. So far, so good – but it got weird.

federal road B9
the beginning of the road Kranenburg (North Rhine-Westphalia)
the end of the road Hard Disk (RLP)
total length 450 km

Wild West on the B9 near LU-Maudach: A Ford driver (35) pushes an Alfa Romeo

What was surprising according to the police was that the person who caused the accident (35) first slowed down another road user and then pushed him into the crash barrier and caused a collision.

But instead of stopping, the 35-year-old Ford driver took off and drove without giving up. The injured did not accept this and took up the movement. So the 42-year-old from the district of Bad Dürkheim followed on the heels of the polluter in his Alfa Romeo car.

After the accident on the B9: driving license obtained

The pursuit extended over a few kilometers to the Speyer-Süd junction, where the fugitive was stopped by officers from the Schifferstadt police station.

Lo and behold: The person who caused the accident had a blood alcohol level of 1.22 per mille. As a logical consequence, law enforcement officers took him to the Ruchheim police station, where a blood sample was taken.

The security deposit was deposited with an authorized receiver to be named, since the defendant does not have a permanent residence in Germany. His driver’s license was also found and a temporary suspension of his driving license was requested. The man will have to answer for endangering the traffic on the road, fleeing the traffic accident and forcing the traffic on the road.


No injuries in the accident on the B9 damage – 3,000 euros

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, according to the police headquarters in Rheinpfalz. According to the current state of the investigation, the property damage should be around 3,000 euros.

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There was another shocking incident in March, also on the B9: After an extreme maneuver, a driver (24) pulled out a pistol in Ludwigshafen and threatened a 36-year-old man with it. (peck/pol)