After Audi and Bentley they will work for the Volkswagen brand from February 1

After Audi and Bentley they will work for the Volkswagen brand from February 1

Andreas Mindt, Bentley’s head of design, will leave his post to take over design for the Volkswagen brand, effective February 1, according to company sources.

The Volkswagen brand will replace its head of design, Jozef Kaban, and Bentley’s design boss, Andreas Mindt, according to company sources.

Mindt will take up his post within the Volkswagen brand on February 1.

Mindt’s successor at Bentley will be Tobias Suehlmann, who currently heads the brand’s exterior design, people familiar with the matter said. Suehlmann joined Bentley in October 2021, after working at Bugatti, Aston Martin, McLaren and the Volkswagen brand.

Kaban, who took charge of the Volkswagen brand in 2020, will be given a new position within the Volkswagen Group.

New Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Schaefer was unhappy with some of Kaban’s designs, sources say.

Kaban was asked to revamp the rear styling of the ID Life concept unveiled at the 2021 IAA Munich Motor Show for a more modern look. The concept was supposed to give a taste of Volkswagen’s entry-level electric car, expected in 2025.

Schaefer also asked Kaban’s design team to redesign the Trinity, the Volkswagen brand’s next electric car, to make it look more like a crossover than a sedan.

Kaban began his career in 1999 with the Volkswagen Group, where he worked for Audi, Bugatti and Skoda.

Kaban’s successor, Mindt, is also a veteran of the Volkswagen Group. Mr. Mindt, 53, grew up in Wolfsburg, where Volkswagen’s global headquarters are located. His father was an engineer at Volkswagen.