After the fire, Landiras wants the gendarmerie near the forest

After the fire, Landiras wants the gendarmerie near the forest

In Landiras, after the fire, the city supports having its gendarmerie near the forest. (©Margot Delpech/The Republican)

The city of Landiras (Gironde) is used for the plan of “200 new troops in France”launched by President Emmanuel Macron in 2022. A candidacy that makes sense for Mayor Jean-Marc Pelletant after theirs fire in Landiras this summer.

Nothing is decided yet, though it is the only municipality in the South Gironde to apply.

“Landiras has a name since fire”

” It was clear to us, harvest Mayor Jean-Marc Pelletant. Landiras has a name since fire. We have everything you need to welcome the new Brigadier. We would like to have enhanced monitoring every day for people and monitor the abundance of forests. »

His role: to keep an eye on the forests, to advise, to play his role as a mediator with the population. He should come with the help of the brigade of Podensac – Cadillac.

Eight men, eight families

The city hall would like to work with foresters and gendarmes to put their knowledge of the forest to good use. With a view from the fire, this gendarmerie team will have to in-depth knowledge of areas. Supported by municipalities such as Cabanac-et-Villagrains, Sauternes, Budos or Guillos, this new unit can intervene a little more than 15 km around the city.

The deputy mayor, Valérie Meneret, notes:

We are trying to get as much support as possible, to get the green light from the communities of South Gironde and Montesquieu. There is a hole in the Landiras sector,

Valerie Meneret Deputy Mayor of Landiras.

But some municipalities are already following the forest city project. “Cabanac carries the project with us. The village is monitored by the police area, linked to Léognan, even Mérignac… It is a little far to intervene. Since December, we have worked very quickly to put together the files: buildings, land, accommodation … We have everything. ”

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Because, welcoming five to eight young people and their families, house is needed. “It’s not a problem, assures the councilor of Landiranais. We have a chance to 5,000 m2 between the forest and the school, near the festival hall. »

The town hall has even thought of a furnished room, with internet, to accommodate the parties while waiting for the construction of the camp. “With the traffic we have between Grands Chais de France and Illats, we are already a means of travel. The brigade will be able to move quickly when needed, from its buildings, located in the city. »

The sub-district is leading the project

Faced with the plan of the city to be burned last summer, the sub-governor of Langon, Vincent Ferrer, it is nice to the candidate. “We will push this project,” he said. Even if there are five files, six in Gironde: one in Blaye, one in Médoc, in Libourne and one in Val de l’Eyre… There are already many sectors that have been used. We don’t know if we will find it but the Landiras file has a very good chance.

“More staff for more missions”

To the commander Erika Escalin, of Langon-Toulenne Company, “We should not, at the moment, give people false hope. The decision is in the hands of the Minister of the Interior “. However, the company “will be happy”. “If the project is accepted, it will be have more crews for more missions, based on the “forest fire” theme. Either a positive step for the promotion of gendarmes in the area.

This summer, at the calcified areas, forensics technicians are taking samples and especially taking samples from the earth to determine if hydrocarbons have been used.
This summer, at the burned areas, forensics technicians took soil samples to determine if hydrocarbons were used. (©Gironde Gendarmerie)

At this time, with more than 2,200 inhabitants, Landiras expects the arrival of its gendarmerie, by August 2023. Therefore, the file is in the hands of the Minister of Interior who will have to decide soon after receiving the files.

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