Airbags, US NHTSA wants to recall 67 million vehicles

Airbags, US NHTSA wants to recall 67 million vehicles

The joy of car drivers, in the sense that they contribute to their safety, cross the companies that produce them. The airbags had already bankrupted Japanese supplier Takata, whose faulty systems had been linked to at least 30 deaths and hundreds of injuries, prompting a series of recalls totaling 100 million cars worldwide. After an 8-year investigation, Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC) of Knoxville, in the state of Tennessee, has ended up in the eyes of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), whose claims of inflation problems save lives. systems should result in a new maxi campaign for a total of 67 million vehicles.

Takata airbag, another 30 million recalls in the United States

Although they urged it out of “an abundance of caution”, General Motors has announced that it has accepted a request for a million vehicles as well following the accident involving the Chevrolet Travers a few months ago. During the accident, the inflating system malfunctioned while the airbag was activated, causing injuries to the driver while fleeing.

According to NHTSA, the technology supplier of the United States – which on its website announces 70 years of experience and cooperation with the Department of Defense in the field of propellants, also used since 1970 for car airbags – and the acquisition of a joint venture in which he. also involved the Italian Gilardini – “they create an unnecessary risk”. According to the authority required to deal with road safety, it is more than ordinary injuries. The reason lies in systems “that project pieces of metal to the occupants instead of correctly inserting the airbag”.

ARC disputes NHTSA’s conclusions because they will be based on seven cases and, above all, pleads the need to demonstrate the correct operation of 67 million systems issued over 18 years. The Tennessee-based company has said it intends to continue to cooperate with the same authorities, but also with builders. Those using ARC technologies under investigation are 12, including not only GM but also Chrysler itself, one of the Stellantis brands, BMW, Hyundai and Kia.