Airbnb to pull listings that don’t have proper permits in Quebec

Airbnb to pull listings that don’t have proper permits in Quebec

Airbnb Inc. is cracking down on illegal listings in Quebec, Canada, by taking measures to remove any postings that do not possess the necessary permits.

In an effort to adhere to local regulations, Airbnb has enlisted the aid of an automated system to identify any listings that fail to meet the requirements of the province. The system will scan through the listings to determine which ones do not have the proper permits, and those will be taken down.

The move follows a warning from the Quebec government that stated it would pursue legal action against any platforms that allowed illegal listings. Airbnb has responded by taking a proactive approach to ensure that all listings comply with local regulations.

“We take compliance with local regulations very seriously and have been working closely with local governments to ensure that all listings are compliant,” said Airbnb spokesperson Alex Dagg.

The company is also working to educate local hosts on the regulations, to ensure that they are aware of their obligations.

“We want to help our hosts understand the regulations in their area and provide them with the support they need to comply,” said Dagg.

The new measures are just the latest step taken by Airbnb to ensure that it is compliant with local laws. The company has also created a dedicated team to monitor and remove any illegal listings, and has implemented a 24/7 support line to help hosts with any issues they may have.

Airbnb is committed to providing a safe and compliant platform for its users, and these latest efforts demonstrate the company’s dedication to this goal.