ALERT warning parents of sextortion, cases on the rise in Alberta

ALERT warning parents of sextortion, cases on the rise in Alberta

Parents in Alberta are warned of a growing number of cases involving sextortion, a form of online exploitation that is becoming increasingly prevalent.

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) has issued a warning that sextortion cases are on the rise in the province, and that parents should be taking proactive measures to protect their children from such threats.

Sextortion is a form of extortion in which victims are coerced into providing sexual images or videos of themselves, or performing sexual acts online in exchange for money, favors, or to prevent the dissemination of sexual images or videos that were previously shared. The perpetrators of sextortion typically use social media, email, or other online platforms to contact victims and coerce them into providing the requested material.

ALERT has stated that sextortion is a significant problem in Alberta, and the prevalence of such cases is growing. The organization has identified a number of factors that have contributed to the uptick in sextortion cases in the province, including the increased availability of technology and the ease of access to digital platforms. In addition, ALERT has noted that there is a lack of consistent awareness and education regarding the risks associated with sextortion, which can leave victims vulnerable to exploitation.

To protect children and teens from sextortion, ALERT advises that parents should educate their children about the potential risks of sharing intimate images or videos online, and the potential consequences of engaging in online sexual activities. Parents should also be aware of the online activities of their children, and monitor their online behavior for any suspicious activity.

In addition, ALERT encourages victims of sextortion to contact the police immediately and to refrain from responding to any threats or demands from the perpetrator. They also advise victims to preserve any evidence, including emails, texts, images, and videos, that could be important for the investigation.

Sextortion is a serious crime, and ALERT is warning parents to take the necessary measures to protect their children from becoming victims of this form of exploitation.