Alexander Skarsgard Kept His Own Cloned Head As A Souvenir From Infinity Pool

Alexander Skarsgard Kept His Own Cloned Head As A Souvenir From Infinity Pool

Alexander Skarsgard has been known to take a souvenir or two from his many acting roles, and his latest role in the sci-fi flick, Infinity Pool, was no exception. The actor kept a shocking memento from the set of the film: a cloned head of himself.

Skarsgard’s character in Infinity Pool, a scientist-turned-robot, had a cloned head, which served as the basis for his robotic body. After filming, Skarsgard decided to keep the head as a reminder of the role.

The cloning process for Skarsgard’s head was complex and technically demanding. The filmmakers utilized 3-D printing technologies to create a wax mold of Skarsgard’s head, which was then filled with a silicone-based material that was specially formulated to mimic the actor’s skin tone and facial features. This silicone-based material was then placed in a metal casing, which was then sculpted to completely replicate the actor’s head.

The cloning process was so successful that Skarsgard’s cloned head was nearly indistinguishable from the real one. To make sure there was no confusion, the filmmakers provided Skarsgard with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that the cloned head was indeed the real deal.

Skarsgard, who is known for his eccentric keepsakes, was delighted with his new cloned head. After the film wrapped, the actor took it home with him as a souvenir, displaying it prominently in his home.

Though some may find Skarsgard’s decision to take his cloned head home a bit unusual, the actor is unrepentant. He believes the head serves as a reminder of the commitment and dedication he put into his role in Infinity Pool, and that it is a fitting souvenir for his hard work.