Alfa Romeo 167, this is what the successor of the 166 could look like

Alfa Romeo 167, this is what the successor of the 166 could look like

Alfa Romeo has decided to improve its line in recent years, focusing only on the Giulia, Tonale and Stelvio, as well as the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale hypercar, which was officially launched a few days ago.

In the future, Alfa Romeo is planning a B-SUV that should arrive in 2024, but there are no signs of other sedans startingsuccessor to the Alfa Romeo 166.

to try”convince” Stellantis takes action, web designer, Mirko Del Prete (MDP cars), created his own version of hypothesis 167A large sedan is also designed in a family version, better known as a station wagon.

Of the two, we are more confident Sedan, also considering the fact that SWs are slowly disappearing from the market. The shapes correspond to those of German flagsstarting with BMW and Audi, while the front is fully reflective The latest Alfa modeltherefore with very narrow and narrow lights, for a meaningful face and at the same time sports.

Alloy wheels are a must”many circles” and Alfa, and the bonnet is also very attractive, its design goes connecting with the line of side mirrors. However, at the back, we find the light clusters of Alfa Romeo’s latest models, with a low rear window, topped by an invisible spoiler and fins.

Success that we are sure can to satisfy the public’s demanding appreciation of Alfaand which would represent a worthy successor to the flag that was undoubtedly received in a positive way, especially on the occasion of its first series, the one that was sold in that period. 1998-2003.

In 2003, a restyling was put into production, which, however, looked completely different from the front, replacing the 156th. engine they were different, four, five and six cylinders, from two to three liters of displacement, while the maximum power was between 136 and 226 horses, both in petrol and diesel versions.