Alfa Romeo asks budget limit: “Have you ever eaten out in Switzerland?”

Alfa Romeo asks budget limit: “Have you ever eaten out in Switzerland?”

A high budget is a common conversation in the Formula 1 season this season. Due to budget constraints, teams may not be able to spend millions on automobile upgrades and thus increase stadium standards. Still, according to Alfa Romeo, for example, there are snags on the ceiling.

A high level of budget was created to make System 1 more efficient. Previously, rich teams could easily beat the poorest teams by throwing money into the car repair process and stealing the best people from other teams. At the same time, no more than $ 140 million can be spent, making the process even more straightforward.


There is still a useful hook and eyes on the ceiling. For example, rich teams have already complained about damage done during the race and Alfa Romeo now also mentions another loss through technical director Jan Monchaux: the location of the race. “Have you ever been to a restaurant in Switzerland?” asks the respondent Motorsport-Magazin† “We have a huge salary problem due to our area,” he complains.


Monchaux continues. “The problem is that the budget deficit does not take into account the differences in living conditions between different countries, when we all have the same level. Compared to a team working in the UK or Italy, it is very different. That takes about 20 to 30%. “So we work under different conditions that make our lives miserable. That’s the price of working on a lake in Zurich,” he concludes.