Alfa Romeo ‘changes as much as possible’ for a Canadian doctor

Alfa Romeo ‘changes as much as possible’ for a Canadian doctor

Alfa Romeo plans to ‘change as much as possible’ for car placement after a disappointing weekend in Azerbaijan, where Valtteri Bottas spoke of a ‘basic problem’.

Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou failed to score in Azerbaijan. Zhou dropped out of school due to car problems while Bottas appeared to be out of motion. It was the first time for Finn this season not to take points in the race he finished. Bottas also spoke of the ‘fundamental problem’ that Alfa Romeo had to deal with later.

Head of trackside engineering Alfa Romeo, Xevi Pujolar, already saw the first signs of trouble in Baku on Friday, but is still not sure what exactly was going on. “On Saturday we had doubts about Valtteri’s car and on Sunday it was clear that something was wrong, we must understand what it was,” Pujolar told. Race

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At the moment, Pujolar is still not ready to say what exactly went wrong, but he knows it was ‘definitely something to be balanced’. “We see in his opinion something was wrong, but we do not know what caused it and we will take action to make sure we fix it for Montreal.

With the Canadian Grand Prix already a week after the race in Baku, much will have to change, Pujolar knows. “What is possible is that we have to change as much as we can to solve the problem, but we do not have much time. So we will change as much as we can to resume our normal or expected performance and that there is nothing wrong with that balance. ”