Alfa Romeo confirms: “Zhou is OK, so everything worked as it should”

Alfa Romeo confirms: “Zhou is OK, so everything worked as it should”

Xevi Pujolar, head of Alfa Romeo song engineering, confirms that the security features on the C42 have done their job. Zhou Guanyu miraculously escaped his horrific accident without injury.

Zhou had a serious accident at the start of the Silverstone race on Sunday, causing his Alfa Romeo car to roll over and then scratch the road, hit the gravel, jump on a tire pole and crash into the defensive line. Teams of doctors were at the scene and Zhou’s car space between the fence and the guard rail made it difficult to get the driver out of his predicament. This raised concerns about the well-being of the rider, who was eventually able to prove that he was right.

‘Everything worked as it should’

Strangely, after several inspections at a medical center along the perimeter, a 23-year-old Chinese driver was released to go to his team. This saved the Chinese driver on his way to the hospital. Pujolar reveals that an internal investigation is underway to confirm how the security features have performed their task, despite the simple answer, as Zhou can recount it. “We have an internal process that we have to go through when we have an accident and right now we are going through it, taking pictures of everything,” Pujolar explains. He continues: “All I can say is that it was very good that despite the incident, Zhou is fine. So everything worked out as it should.”

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Improvements from FIA

Zhou was not the only one who left well during the race weekend in Silverstone. Formula 2 driver Roy Nissany also had an angel on his shoulders. The Israeli was fighting with Red Bull junior driver Dennis Hauger. The Norwegian man came out of the song and was launched by kerbstones. That caused him to hit the Nissany car, who was lucky enough to find the part in the car. Asked if the FIA ​​would take action to prevent further incidents in the air, Pujolar replied: “I’m sure they will look into these incidents. If anything can be improved, they will. But if you look at the steps taken, you have to admit that they did a good job.