Alfa Romeo drops the price more than 8,000 euros, the smart purchase

Alfa Romeo drops the price more than 8,000 euros, the smart purchase

Little by little, without haste but without pause, it seems that Alpha Romeo it is recovering a good part of all the ground it had lost in recent years. The Italian brand, which was very close to disappearing a few years ago, now knows that, taking into account the second chance that Stellantis has given it, it cannot be wasted, which is why it is making really good decisions.

Surely the best and most notorious in this regard has been the launch of the tonethe model that has helped this Italian manufacturer to finish in 2022 with twice the market share that it ended in 2021, a very difficult year for the manufacturer.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that, beyond the fact that the brand is already working on future models, as is the case of an SUV that is going to stay under the suit and that is going to become one of the best options among those looking for a premium urban SUV, the brand has recently updated two of its veterans in its catalog: the Stelvio and the Giulia.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, a sports saloon that has nothing to envy the German

The two options, obviously in Giulia It can boast of being surely the option to choose for those drivers who are looking for something more than a premium model due to its brand or its qualities. And it is that this model is still a sports sedan that has nothing to envy to models like the BMW 3 Serieshe Audi A4 or the mercedes c-classamong others.

What’s more, as lovers of this type of model well know, Alpha Romeo It has always chosen to give its sports sedans a component of dynamism that makes them very attractive options for those drivers looking for a car with which to have fun behind the wheel with the latest in brand technology.

But the best of all in this case is that, as we can see in, the manufacturer has now chosen to apply a discount of more than €8,000, in such a way that the simplest version of this Giulia has a starting price that remains below the €38,000a very interesting quantity considering its characteristics.

With a 160 horsepower diesel engine of power associated with a manual transmission and a set-up that makes it a really fun model to drive, even though it does not have a very large market share, this Giulia is a very interesting option.

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