Alfa Romeo is looking forward to a ‘quiet weekend’ with Barcelona reports

Alfa Romeo is looking forward to a ‘quiet weekend’ with Barcelona reports

( – The last two weekend Formula 1 Grand Prix did not go well for the Alfa Romeo team. In Italy, Valtteri Bottas caught fire in a qualifier on Friday and missed the second free practice on Saturday as his side had to be replaced.

Despite a few incidents, Valtteri Bottas managed to score well recently


In Miami, Finn then had a serious accident in the first free practice and missed the second session again because there was no time to repair the car. Despite these incidents, Bottas finished in fifth place by force at Imola and was on course to get the same result in Miami before applying the brakes on the Hairpin Turn 7 and passed by all Mercedes drivers.

Frederic Vasseur hopes that the Barcelona team will not have to make major repairs and could increase the distance along the way by using a new update package. “I’d love to have an easy weekend,” says the team boss. “Something very quiet and good sessions.”

Vasseur: Underbody is the key

The Frenchman knows: “It is very close that no one can say we are P4, P5 or P6. We just have to focus on our work and continue to repair the car. We will have major updates in the upcoming race in Barcelona.”

“That is our goal. We should focus on producing parts, ourselves and not thinking about P5, P6 and P7.” When asked about the update, he only reveals the amount: “Certainly a lower person is the key to performance. And I think everyone is working hard on it, but not just about it.”

“Max is the most talented driver!”

Miami was the best event for Formula 1. The third victory for Max Verstappen. Lots of activity on the racetrack. And the Mercedes crisis continues. More Form 1 videos

“I will not go into detail,” adds Xavi Pujolar, Alfa Romeo’s technical director, “but we expect more performance in general, so we’ll see.” However, he is aware that the tournament will also bring creativity to Barcelona.

All teams with updates in Barcelona

“We have to see what our opponents will bring. There will probably be more updates coming to Barcelona. With the performance we have, with our updates we can at least maintain performance compared to our direct opponents, if not to increase leadership.”

“Now that everyone is bringing updates, it will be up to who has the biggest and best updates,” Pujolar continues. “Sometimes it will probably be difficult. You can expect teams like Mercedes and McLaren to take a bigger step. At the end of the day, with a budget limit, it should be the same for everyone. But there are other things as well.”

Photo: Valtteri Bottas, F1: Miami Grand Prix (USA) 2022, Sunday

The engineer believes Alfa can match Mercedes in the individual race but admits the main goal throughout the season is to defeat his regular rivals. “When we came to Miami, we focused on McLaren, Alpine and AlphaTauri,” he says.

Alpha focuses on these opponents

“But of course, if we can beat those three competitors, then Mercedes is our goal and we are happy to fight them. In terms of the championship, our real goals are Alpine, AlphaTauri and McLaren.”

When asked about the target audience for the next race in Barcelona, ​​Pujolar replied: “Like the first five races – wrestling with everyone. We’ve done well on all fronts so far and I think we can do it again for both cars. . will be at the top of the midfield. “

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