Alfa Romeo is not happy with the Dodge Hornet

Alfa Romeo is not happy with the Dodge Hornet

( – “The fastest and most powerful utility vehicle under $30,000” is how Dodge described its all-new Hornet when it was officially unveiled this month. Americans are proud of their first new model in a decade(!). Another member of the Stellantis extended family, however, is less enthusiastic about the stranger.

Dodge Hornet GT (2023)


You only have to take a quick look at the picture to see who is angry. Of wasp it looks like an Alfa Romeo Tonale with different logos. Rarely has it been done to visually stand out from the “donor car”. And technically, Dodge uses more of its Italian sister. There is a lot of overlap when it comes to the engine, chassis and interior components.

The little hybrid clearly started as an Alfa Romeo project, and as The Drive reports, the Italian manufacturer is not happy with doing all the work for Dodge, while the Americans just put different bumpers and logos and the car will be sold. at a very low price.

Dodge $10,000 cheaper than Tonale

“Dodge used that [Tonale] to make a follower car (a car offered to improve one’s mileage; editor’s note) – their Aston Martin Cygnet moment, if you will.

Suffice it to say that local politics won the day. “Dodge needed to reduce fleet usage, so the Hornet was born,” a Stellantis source told the publication “on condition of anonymity.”

Despite being almost identical, the two SUVs are placed in different parts. Overall, the Hornet should be a good $10,000 cheaper than the Tonale. One can imagine how this makes it more difficult for Alfa to sell its new car in the US.

Alfa and Tonale’s strategy runs into trouble

More so because the Giulia and Stelvio couldn’t make their mark in the States as expected. Many see the Tonale as Alfa’s most significant new model in decades. Especially on the other side of the Atlantic, the Cuore Sportivo has high hopes for a small crossover.

The nearly identical look of the Hornet should be a particular thorn in the side of the Italian brand, which largely identifies itself through its design. But of course the low price of Dodge in particular means that Alfa and Tonale’s strategy could run into serious problems.

So it is no surprise that Milan is not very happy about the situation. Dodge, on the other hand, has already received a good 14,000 pre-orders in the first 24 hours after the Hornet’s debut.

How much will you change the tone?

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According to readers’ comments on the introductory article of the Dodge Hornet on the website of our American colleagues at, many Dodge fans are not satisfied with the new crossover. Many consumers think the American automaker hasn’t done enough to differentiate the Hornet from its Italian cousin.

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