Alfa Romeo is proving itself as the Top Brand with the highest year-on-year growth

Alfa Romeo is proving itself as the Top Brand with the highest year-on-year growth

Alfa Romeo registrations tripled in the first quarter of the year

Among the Premium brands, Alfa Romeo is the first for year-on-year growth

In April, the brand reaches 1.9% of the market share, which has not happened in 3 years, and reaches almost 9% of the share in the Premium segment.

Alfa Romeo consolidates its first excellent edition in 2023, proving itself to be the Premium Brand that grows the most year after year: thanks to April which reaches 1.9% of the total share and almost 9% of the share in the Premium segment, with the growth of more of 4 percent compared to last year and which took the first quarter with three times the registration compared to 2022, recording the best performance among Premium brands.

Tonale, “Novelty of the year 2023” according to the specialized magazine Quattroruote, confirms and strengthens its leadership among Premium C-SUVs, where, in April, more than 1 in 4 vehicles registered is Tonale. The share in the C-SUV segment increases to 6.6% thanks to which Tonale is placed in the top five of the category, where all brands compete. An excellent contribution from the 280 HP Q4 Plug-in Hybrid, a high expression of efficiency and performance, which only 2 months after its launch is already on the podium in the list of Premium hybrid models.

The protagonists of a new and exciting communication campaign, the new Giulia and the Stelvio continue to gain more success: this is demonstrated by the doubling of sales to private customers in the first four months of ’23 compared to ’22. A success that will soon be extended with the opening of orders for the new and exclusive Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, a perfect combination of technical and technological improvements.

These commercial records were accompanied by the success of the “60th Autodelta – Centenario Quadrifoglio” event, organized at the National Theater of Monza by Scuderia del Portello, in collaboration with RIAR at the ACI Storico Festival, which witnessed more than 8,000 participants. and more than 560 Alfa Romeo cars are registered and engaged in many activities on the track and in the pad.

The doors open in Alfa Romeo showrooms on 13 and 14 May: the successful format of the “Tribal Weekend” is repeated, which will once again allow all lovers to admire the brand’s new range.

Raffaele Russo, Managing Director of Alfa Romeo in Italy announces: “An excellent result that confirms the extraordinary work of the team and the strong relationship between the brand and its customers, in what we like to define Tribe Alfa Romeo, which welcomes with great enthusiasm. all our news” .