Alfa Romeo responds to rumours.  “No stress”

Alfa Romeo responds to rumours. “No stress”

Will Alfa Romeo have to leave F1? The Italian manufacturer is currently working with Sauber, which is in talks with Audi. Germany should take up to 75 percent. shares in the team from Hinwil. Does that worry Alfa Romeo bosses? Not amust.

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Alfa Romeo has been in Formula 1 for several years, but does not own a team. The Italian manufacturer only pays Sauber to compete under its name and thus promote the Milan brand. It costs him about EUR 30 million annually. Soon the situation may change as the Hinwil team is in talks with Audi.

The German carmaker wants to enter F1 in 2026 as an engine manufacturer. According to unofficial information, the company from Ingolstadt is already a word with Sauber. Under the agreement, it is required to take more than 25 percent each season. shares in the team, eventually having 75 percent in the 2026 season. Sauber shares.

The alliance between Audi and Sauber does not include further cooperation with Alfa Romeo, because we are talking about two competing brands. What do Italians say? – I’m not blind. For me it’s a simple matter, I have no problem with it. We will not change Alfa Romeo’s business model. If one day someone decides to make a sudden change, whatever it may be, we too will make our decision. That’s all, said Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, to

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– No stress. i’m not afraid I can say that I do not care at all about the discussions that occur. They are on the F1 pad, but I don’t think about it. I am calm and I can focus on my business – added Imparato.

Alfa Romeo has used Formula 1 in recent years to develop new car models – the Giulia, Stelvio and Tonale. The company is convinced that the presence in F1 has brought a significant increase in brand recognition. – This is the best return on investment in the world – the main point of the company from Milan.

– Together with my colleagues from Sauber, we came up with a new business model in F1, in which there is actually a double management. The team was led by Frederic Vasseur from the beginning and there was no problem between us. Even if we had a difficult time in F1, we didn’t push him to leave. We support them as Alfa Romeo and we will continue to do so, in summary Imparato.

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