Alfa Romeo selects Bravi as team representative in F1 2023 – Formula 1 News

Alfa Romeo selects Bravi as team representative in F1 2023 – Formula 1 News

THE Alfa Romeo announced this Thursday (26) that the managing director of Sauber Group, Alessandro Alunni Braviwill take the role of “team representative” in 2023 season System 1. The Italian will take over the vacated position Frederic Vasseurwho left a base in Hinwil to command them Ferrari.

Bravi has been part of the Swiss team since 2017 and, according to the official statement issued by Sauber, will represent the team at all official events on race weekends, both on and off the track. The arrival of the director at the helm of the team in F1 also marks the first major change promoted by Andreas Seidl, The new CEO of the Swiss group after a period as a team leader McLaren.

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Alessandro Bravi and Andreas Seidl (Photo: Alfa Romeo)

“I am pleased to confirm the appointment of Alessandro Alunni Bravi as team representative, in addition to his current role as Group CEO,” said Seidl. “His extensive experience in motorsport has given him all the necessary equipment for success, and knowing the team closely, which he has been a part of for more than five years, will ensure stability and continuity in our development,” he added.

“Alessandro representing the team during the season F1 it will allow us to focus on the growth of the Group and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that await us. I thank him for believing in our vision and welcoming him in this additional position. I am sure he is another important addition to what is undoubtedly a very strong team, from the drivers to the command team”, added Seidl.

Bravi will work together with the technical and operational departments. The new team boss said he is aware of the challenges he will face in 2023, but thanked Seidl for his faith and promised to “do everything he can” to keep up in training.

“I want to thank Andreas and our partners for their loyalty, and I want to emphasize my commitment to do everything I can to fulfill those expectations, representing the team in the best possible way”, emphasized Bravi. “It is a great privilege to continue working with a group of wonderful people who, over the years, have helped me to be part of the Sauber Group”, he emphasized.

“What they gave me this period will enable me to fulfill this responsibility of representing the team based on our vision and our goals. I am fully aware of the work ahead of us and the challenges ahead. I face this task with humility, knowing that I am part of a strong team that will work, convinced that we have everything necessary to succeed in the future”, he concluded.

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