Alfa Romeo to leave F1?  The Italian giant has a new idea

Alfa Romeo to leave F1? The Italian giant has a new idea

After the 2023 season, Alfa Romeo will end its F1 partnership with Sauber. Faced with other options, the Italian carmaker is likely to say goodbye to Formula 1. The brand owned by the Stellantis group, however, has a new idea to promote its cars.

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Alfa Romeo is present in Formula 1 through a partnership with Sauber, but does not own a Swiss team. The Italians are limiting themselves to the role of main sponsor, which pays about 30 million dollars. The union of both companies will come to an end after the 2023 season, because the Swiss decided to take advantage of Audi’s offer. Germany in the coming years will get 75 percent. team action and is to make it the new giant of F1.

If Alfa Romeo had a choice, it would remain in the queen of motorsport and possibly as a partner of Sauber. The Swiss decision put the Milan-based carmaker in a difficult position. The Italians could only work with a team whose engines are supplied by Ferrari, and only Haas will remain at the F1 level.

“It goes without saying that the marketing return on investment in F1 is the highest in the field,” revealed Jean-Philippe Imparato in La Gazetta dello Sport.

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The boss of Alfa Romeo has suggested that his brand will leave F1 in this situation, although the situation could change. – Considering global warming and the ongoing war 1.5 hours from Monza, we would be foolish to plan what could happen in five years. All options are open to us, we are not blocking anything,’ added Imparato.

According to Italian media, Alfa Romeo may find its luck in the IndyCar series, which is the equivalent of F1 in North America and enjoys a lot of attention in the United States. In this way, the Italian manufacturer, which belongs to the Stellantis group, along with brands such as Jeep and Chrysler, can promote its cars in this country and fight to increase sales in the United States.

It is worth noting that Alfa Romeo’s F1 backup is Robert Kubica. The collaboration of the team with the Italian manufacturer makes Kubica also a brand ambassador in our country. As a result, the 37-year-old appears in advertisements for new cars. However, this partnership is ending soon.

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