Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini, Alfa for small children

Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini, Alfa for small children


Stephane Lemeret

Alfa Romeo has developed a range of accessories for the Tonale SUV, its aim is to make life easier for young parents on the road. Because you may love your children and want to preserve the style of your car.

All parents know: traveling by car and children, it requires some organization, and a lot of dedicated equipment. In the house of Alfa Romeo, it has been found that these devices are often invisible. And when you’re a brand that has fashion in its DNA, you can’t stand still. From this observation was born Tonale Edizione Bambini (need to be translated?), with everything important, in a class edition.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini – DR

Changing the board

First, there is this “apron” that hangs behind the front seats. Made of the finest faux leather, it has ad-hoc compartments for a water bottle, snack box, pencil and headphones. But above all, it has a wipeable and washable surface, because we know that children love to rub their dirty shoes behind their parents. We pass the storage bins that allow everything to be stored well in the passenger compartment and in the trunk (including the electric brush to take the shoes, precisely) and let’s continue to the rear compartment shelf. It is nicely decorated, and has a drawer that doubles as a changing table. And the Alfa logo, for a touch of class. Bad news? There Tonal Edizione Baby is a unique model, designed in-house England for Huggies, a British diaper brand. But in Alfa, they say they are already carefully watching the public’s reactions, in order to be able to develop certain ideas if the needs are there.