Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid has been tested

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid has been tested

With Tonale, Alfa Romeo was the first car company in the world to launch a production car equipped with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology. This is a forged certificate, a digital certificate based on the blockchain concept. The most important stages in the life of the car are recorded and cannot be changed. With the consent of the vehicle owner, the relevant data of the vehicle can be recorded and created as a certificate. This can, for example, be proof that the car has been properly maintained and will also have a positive effect on the residual value. In the used car market, NFT authentication provides an additional layer of security that sellers or dealers and buyers can rely on.

Alfa also uses software and connectivity to enhance the driving experience. Tonale has the most advanced technology to ensure a connected and comfortable driving experience. With an Android-based operating system and a 4G connection, over-the-air (OTA) updates are possible. This updates content, features and services. Additionally, new features may be added to the original configuration over time.

The Tonale’s infotainment system has a 12.3-inch screen along with a 10.25-inch touchscreen with a multi-function interface. With intuitive, smartphone-like operation, the driver has all functions under control. Tonale’s design also includes the integration of the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. For example, the system responds to commands such as “Find the nearest gas station” or “Play my road trip playlist”.

With the Tonale, Alfa Romeo is firmly committed to a future focused on sustainable mobility, while the SUV remains true to the performance and driving dynamics typical of the brand. Tonale offers an excellent hybrid drive that maximizes performance without neglecting the environment.

The electric motor is connected in a configuration called P2 and, in conjunction with the two-speed dual-clutch transmission, also enables fully electric driving. Thanks to this technical solution, if necessary, it is possible to drive the car in electric mode with a power of up to 15 kW. A second-generation 48-volt lithium-ion battery increases performance and efficiency. The Tonale battery pack has a volume of eleven liters and is therefore very compact. This allowed the battery to be placed in the central tunnel between the front seats and does not affect the size of the trunk.

Another feature of Tonale is its design. The SUV combines elegant, flowing lines with bold, sporty elements that are characteristic of the Alfa Romeo brand. Muscular wheel arches, trapezoidal grille and strong headlights give the Tonale a strong presence on the road.