Alfa Romeo Tonale – you will not change this story

Alfa Romeo Tonale – you will not change this story

Alfa Romeo Tonale waited too long. Was it worth it? For the first

look … Oh yes! I invite you to a short presentation of the first trips.

Alfa Romeo Tonale – video test

Jean-Phillipe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, no longer needs to prove anything in the industry, but as he admits, he has faced one of the most important projects of his life. It aims to make Alfa Romeo a player in the premium segment that will be equal in value to BMW in the next 3-4 years. Imparato started a wave of major changes that were needed for a long time. He himself says that he cannot afford a massive drop in quality (because there is another brand in Stellantis), but if Tonale had appeared a few years ago, it would have disrupted the competition. And now?

Italians have always been famous for their eye-catching designs. Their cars can sometimes be described as moving pieces of art. Do you remember the 1750 GT Veloce or the more modern 8C Comptizione? These are cars that can combine the charatker of sports with the beauty of classic lines. And in my opinion, this is what Tonale is. It is a car that perfectly combines the modern and the classic school of car design. On this car you won’t find many kinks, corners or bumps straight from the layout from the hot house. Simple and at the same time certain lines are the manifestations of this car. For me, it is one of the best SUVs. The problem, however, is that before entering the showrooms, we could see him in pictures for a long time, which means that the “wow” effect is a little less.

However, I came to the presentations for a completely different purpose. Skip what everyone can see and focus on what not everyone can feel. So how does the latest Alfa Romeo Tonale drive? I invite you to the video test!